Ramayana is an Adi Kavyam. It is called so because it has everything for anyone and everyone. 

It has blue print for a son, father, husband, friend, wife, brother and Administrator.

It is said that in Kosala Rajya, the people enjoyed ultimate transparency. So transparent was the administration, that people reformed their lives and their own selves, by looking at the King, the way the king conducted himself. 

Maha Kavi Kalidasa quoted while talking about the Kosala Rajya, 

దురితం దర్శనేన ఘ్నన్
తత్త్వార్ధేన నుదన్ తమః|
ప్రజాః స్వతంత్ర యాంచక్రే
శశ్వత్ సూర్య ఇవోదితః||

(The people witnessed transparency from far. The people of the country enjoyed the Independence in its true essence.)

They were Independent by every sense. Independent to produce their own food, shelter, clothing, Independent to enjoy whatever they produce. Independent to share, care and enjoy their life.

Are we able to enjoy such Independence today?

Not in entirety! Many Governments, Organizations come up with noteworthy programs trying to bringing about this Independence to the people. Many such programs get launched, some reach the people, some hit the dust. 

Some of the other important reasons are the money-centric society, greed and lack of involvement.

What is required is ‘Bringing out the collective effort’. 

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is one such regulation introduced by the government that encourages its people to come together and help themselves. Giving them the required Independence. 

Taxes are a part of this collective effort. In Kosala Rajya, it is said that the people enjoyed their independence, at the same time they did the pay their taxes. Taxes back then were 1/6th of their earnings. And none eluded them, no matter what.  There is an interesting anecdote around the way the subjects felt about the taxes levied.

When Rama was in forest exile, he still held his rightful state of affairs, as he was in-charge of the forest welfare. 

When the inhabitants of the forests, who were mainly the Rishi’s met Rama, they willed to pay tax in their own way. Now, the sages were not hoarding money, but the tapas (sacrificial offerings) were theirs to say. Hence they promised Lord Rama, that they are happy to contribute 1/6th of their sacrificial offerings to the welfare or well-being of the Kingdom. 

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’ goes the saying. To have something incredible we need to contribute something from our end.


-From the teachings of Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji 

Mahan Bharath Abhyaan is a one of its kind program launched by Sri Narayana Char ji, Bharath Ji to bring all encompassing development to the public. It is initiated in association with National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD).

HH Swami Chinna Jeeyar swami applauded the planning and the way it is shaping. He appreciated the efforts and provided his Mangala Sashanams to the project. 

He encouraged them to consider the problems that they may face in their implementations as ‘Chances’ and move forward in letter and spirit.  

He envisaged that the program should not only improve the lives of urban, but the rural people too in their own right. He also highlighted the efforts taken by Srimath Ramanujacharya in bringing Ashtakshari Mantra to the masses, the hurdles, the struggles that were shoved away for the well- being of the society. 

Swamiji, highlighted that there is third aspect of looking at a problem, apart from looking at it with fear or looking at it as challenge, which is ‘looking at it as chance’. A chance given by the God for your betterment or upliftment. This aspect develops an attitude within to face any problems head-on and anticipate the twists that tag along with them.

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