The third day program(03-02-2017) started dwa:ra thorana puja in the yagasala. Today being Rattha Sapthami, HH explained wonderfully the glory of Sun God. Sage Agasthya noticing the weak condition of Sri Rama during the battle with Ravana gave upadesa of Adithya Hrudayam. After chanting Adithya Hrudayam for 3 times, Sri Rama got energized and was able to vanquish the evil Ravana. HH explained the greatness of Sage Agasthya and Sage Vasishtta.

After offering prayers to the great sage Valmiki and Sri Rama, HH gave upadesam of Adithya Hrudayam.

After upadesam, HH gave thi:rtham. This is the first thi:ttha goshti on Vijaya Kiladri Hill. Hundreds of devotees thronged the yagasala to take thi:rttham from HH Sri Swamiji.

Afterwards, Chha:ya:dhiva:sam was performed to all the temples. Chha:ya:dhiva:sam is a process of cleansing the temple towers, sthupas and all other structures which cannot be immersed in water for Jala:dhivasam. A mirror is placed in a position such that the whole temple’s image is captured in it. Five kalasas with pancha gavyam are placed on dha:nya and offered prayers. The devatha who resides on the Vimanam is invoked into the reflection in the mirror and abhishekam with panch gayvam is performed to remove all evils and shortcomings.

Then, Va:sthu purusha puja was performed in Rama temple. Fire was torched from the Vasthu Homam and was carried to all the temples. The inner sanctum, the ceilings, pillars were touched with the divine fire to purify any lacunae.

The morning program concluded with Sa:nthi pa:ttam, pu:rna:huthi. During prasada ghoshti HH explained the meaning and significance of morning events and gave mangalasasanams to all.

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