When we celebrate an event at home, we invite our friends and family to share the joy. Sometimes we may want it open for all, but we are limited in resources. However, a temple hosts events that are open to all. Everyone gets the darsan, the divine theertham and prasadam because all are equal in the eyes of God. More importantly, the events in temple are performed to show our gratitude to the Supreme power who descended for all our benefit.

Every practice in the temple is aimed at educating truths of life, thereby inculcating humility in heart leading to a pleasant and purposeful life for all.

Srinivasa Kalyanam at Mancherial attracted more than 6000 residents from in and around Mancherial. The kalyanam, an auspicious event that conveys the joyful union of a jiva (self) with paramatma (God), was the prime celebration of the day.

The divine pair (Lakshmi Narayana) of the six temples in Mancherial along with Sri Swamiji’s aaradhana murthi (Deity Duo) all placed on one stage was a treat to the eyes. Lakshmi Narayana decorated beautifully in these seven forms attracted everyone’s heart and soul. When everyone recognises, realises and relishes the divine qualities of God through such events, the joy of celebration multiples!

That is why, different sectors of people poured in to show their excitement and involvement in the events of the temple. At Mancherial, 1000 people sang in love for Lord (sahasra gala:rchana). Tribal artists from Allampalli beautifully performed dance in gussadi style. Several local leaders participated in the event to show their true dedication to the Supreme power.

Thousands of people

Swamiji Himself gave theertham to thousands of the devotees. Parents with little children were enthused to have akshara:bhayam (beginning of education, the school journey) done for their children on slates through the divine hands of Sri Swamiji.

– From the event at Mancherial
-16th March 2019

Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam at Mancherial

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