Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was cordially invited to inaugurate Tv9 office in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. 

Addressing the news reporters, Swamiji elaborated on how efficiently Hanuman reported the news of missing Sitha to the audience of varied interests and varied backgrounds. News reporting is a great skill. It must be mastered while not compromising on the objective of reporting. While the end objective of reporting is to enable and empower civilians with all news, it is also important to be vigilant of consequences.   

As Hanuman returned from Lanka, thousands of his teammates including senior memebers such as Jambavan were eagerly waiting to hear from him. 

The swiftness in his motion gave an indication to Jambavan about his success. He chose the way he moved to convey the news prior to even speaking about it. Because there are mature leaders who can understand situation without utterance of words. This is crucial skill in certain circumstances.

Hanuman, a Symbol of Humility!

Next comes the skill of chosing right sequence of words. He said, “Seen Sitha!” (drushtwa Sitha). He did not start the sentence with ‘Sitha’. He chose the positive note first. Because he remembered how painful they felt as they were losing hope in finding the whereabouts of Sitha for so long. 

As he elaborated all the events from the time he left for Lanka till he returned, everyone’s thirst for details was satisfied. They were all quite happy about the accomplishment. The thrilled team were furious to kill Ravana. Hanuman then reminded them that they were all only messengers, and that the leaders should decide. He did not provoke unnecessary action. He controlled the team by informing them with right way to progress further.

On the way to Rama, they all stopped at madhu vanam, a place to eat, relax and celebrate the news. The intent is to neutralise their extreme condition they were all in. If they all had approached Rama in such extreme state, the impact on Rama would be heavy. His approach aimed at overall harmony and to keep his great leader of virtuous traits at peace.

When they all reached Rama, everyone uttered the news of details that Hanuman shared. Rama then asked, “what did Sitha say?” (madhura madhura:la:pa kima:pa mama bha:mini). All of them looked at each other and figured out that Hanuman is the only one who knew this. They gave way to Hanuman. He then reported the content that was saved for Rama alone! He replied to Rama, “She asked about how you were doing. She remembered about how you punished a crow for hurting her and wondered how you are able to tolerate Ravana for torturing her this long.” He did not share this news with anyone until then.

He knew exactly what to share and what not to share based on whom he was delivering the news to. This is also essential to progress towards a successful endeavour.   

Notice the quality of leader, Rama in this scenario. He asked the right question to find out who actually met Sitha for testing validity of the news. As Hanuman answered, it was clear to Rama that he was the one who reached Sitha. The rest were all only reporting what they heard from him.

Thus, Hanuman remained an exemplary reporter. His reporting paved way for the desired outcome!

Watch Swamiji Speak on the topic in Tv9 office

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Tv9 office Inauguration, Feb 10 th , 2020

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