Today marks the beginning of 94th year since the birth of Mahamaho:pa:dhya:ya (the teacher of all teachers), Kavishabdika Kesari (the lion of literature), Keerthi murthulu (revered popular figure) Sri N.C. Raghunatha Chari Garu.

We have gathered here to celebrate this day even without His physical presence. Why?

Sri N.C. Raghunatha Chari Garu.Sri Raghunatha Chari Garu stood guard for Vedic knowledge and practice throughout his lifetime. He spread the wisdom to all aspirants (scholarly and non-scholarly) through his lucid, simple and flawless elaborations on the Vedic scriptures.

He practiced and implemented the knowledge Himself with no exceptions. This celebration must remind and inspire us to carry the lineage of such true knowledge, for which he dedicated his life.

What is our current role as descendants of Vedic knowledge?

    • Vedic knowledgeMothers matter the most: Women (specially mothers) should educate their daughters on the importance of true knowledge over material wealth. These days, children are being raised to appreciate lavish lifestyle over value-rich atmosphere. Mothers, question yourself – Would you prefer your daughter marry a decent well-behaved priest over a rich software developer working in US or other foreign countries?
    • Dedicate a child to sampradayam: Families must dedicate the career path of at least one child to sampradayam. Gladly, there are several temples in Tamil Nadu where youngsters are coming back (who studied other branches such as Computer Science etc in their academics) to serve the temple and its causes. In addition to at least one child being dedicated to sampradayam, every evening must centre around the temple activities.
    • Read Vedic Literature: Every evening, the entire family must sit together for an agreed amount of time, read through a few pages, discuss any unclear topics, and see how you can link it with your daily life. If you are playing your role according to the principles defined in those ancient scriptures, your mind, body and soul will all be healthy. When each one of us is holistically healthy, the world will be a better place for all of us, won’t it?

It’s NOT when one digitises knowledge OR authors scriptures,

but IT IS when a teacher finds a living individual who can ABSORB, PRACTISE and PASS THE SAME to another individual,

that is when the AGE of his Knowledge increments by one PERSON YEAR!

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 24th April 2019

Swamiji started off the address with the following prayers, paying respects to Sri Rama Chandra and Ramanujacharya:

Apada:m apaharta:ram Da:taram Sarva Sampada:m|
Lo:ka:bhira:mam Sri:ra:mam Bhu:yo: Bhu:yo: Nama:myaham||

Yo:nitya machyutha pada:mbuja yugma rukma
Vya:moha thasthadhithara:ni thruna:ya me:ne:|
Asmad guro:rbhagavatho:sya daiyaika sindhoho
Ra:ma:nujasya charanau saranam prapadye:||

Knowledge of vedic
Sri N.C. Raghunatha Chari Tharunakshatram

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