Nature reflects what we are, just like a mirror. If the atmosphere around is getting polluted, that is because our thoughts led to an act that polluted the nature. We (human beings) are inhabitants of this mother Earth. But, remember that we are neither the only inhabitants nor the most important inhabitants. Every inhabitant is equally privileged to live in their own natural conditions. The attitude in human beings to dominate rest of the nature and use everything for their greed is causing the unwanted disturbances in current days.

What is the reason for the dominant and arrogant attitude?

The twisted or tampered knowledge which said that self is supreme led to over-utilisation of everything for man’s own comfort. Unfortunately, the same knowledge is being passed to our next generation. This turbulence in our thoughts (knowledge) about what is right and what is wrong is paving path to the pathetic condition we are in (ranging from deadly diseases to fights between communities, sects etc). It is high time to know the right way to live so we can avoid hard times for at least our own children’s children.

This begins with understanding the right way to conduct ourselves in every activity we take up. Everyone should adapt ‘a simple and natural life style with humbleness towards the creator, and kindness in hearts for everyone around’. Interpreting incorrect meaning of certain terms is causing quite a lot of havoc in current world, be it in Sabarimala or at your home!

One such term is Equality. Does it mean that every woman should be doing everything that a man does? Does it mean that a Lion should enjoy the comfortable bed just like you in your luxurious home? Does it mean that nose also should be able to intake food just like mouth does? No, certainly not! Equality does not mean equal rights for everyone in everything. Equality means to preserve environment in such a way that everyone (with no bias) can play their role with no difficulty.

Another such term is Service. Does it mean that you pamper a snake to live at your home and call it service? Does it mean that you kill every other creature in your way to create a palace for your parents and call it service to them? Does it mean that a specific sect of people is given all the privileges at the cost of hampering others, and you call it a service to that sect? No, certainly not! Service does not mean altering the natural conduct of any being. Service means to react and act when something or someone is in hampered situation, thereby bringing them to their natural or normal course.

Ramanujacharya gave these vivid interpretations of several terms for the benefit of our own well-being. 1000 years ago, He stood up for Equality when the great mantra from the Vedic knowledge was being given only for those one considered eligible. He said, “let the entire world reap benefits of the true knowledge on the self and supreme, the ways of God’s functioning and the path for liberation from suffering and pain irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion, race etc!” The right to correct knowledge is for everyone. We are already seeing the impact of tampered knowledge in today’s world.

If you want the world to know such true Vedic wisdom, let’s all turn to that great Guru and read the scriptures that he has put through. If you want the world to inculcate such good practices, let’s all turn to that great Guru and begin following the path he has laid down. If you want the world to bring a beautiful change in gadget addictive brains of little children, let’s all turn to that great Guru and act according to the wisdom that he shared. If you want the world to shine like the child of God, let’s all turn to that great Guru and play our roles effectively without disturbing anyone else’s roles!

It is never enough to learn and sit quiet. Share it, act upon it, and ensure that any violation of this dharma will not be tolerated. After all, what good is toleration when it is actually killing your own self?

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Vani Mahal, Nov 16th to 18th Chennai!