Let the qualities of SUPREMACY and POWER be personified and called as God, Srimannarayana. Let the qualities of COMPASSION and TOLERANCE be personified and called as the Divine Mother, Sri Maha Lakshmi.

When the divine mother is with God and he yields to her, compassion outpours and the creation takes place. When she yields to him, pralayam (absorption) takes place.

When we were in the state of pralayam, we existed with no means to understand any of these, nor did we have any goal to work towards. From that state, our divine mother’s grace gave us a body that is suitable to understand the true nature of the current body and work towards being with the divine parents forever. The divine parents have capabilities that are above our current capabilities. They are welcoming us to be with them. We are able to understand this only because we are human now, and we are equipped with the mind to believe it. If we do not make use of this body now, we may end up in bodies that do not have the capability to grow up with this understanding. Our great Acharya:s are supporting this knowledge and are helping us progress in the right direction.

While they are welcoming us, we still have our ego that is not letting us yield to them. Our ego (ahanka:ra) is of four types:

  1. ‘I know everything’ – Gna:thruthva ahankara
  2. ‘I can do anything’ – Karthruthva ahankara
  3. ‘I want to enjoy by myself’ – Bho:kthruthva ahankara
  4. ‘I don’t depend on anyone’ – Se:shathva ahankara

Let us shed our ego, and take refugee with the divine mother first. She needs to be on top of this matter to allow our divine father bless us. She is the personification of compassion and tolerance and therefore Her grace is easier than His.

The four types of ego mentioned above will need to be put under our control – this can only happen when we open up our hearts to worship the divine parents, Srimannarayana and Sri Maha Lakshmi.

Let us first seek the compassion and the tolerance of Sri Maha Lakshmi on us (the abode of all divine motherly qualities).

Only then, His power and his supremacy can help us rise up from the current state of temporary pleasures, and put us in the right place where we belong.

Our a:charya who is blessing us with this knowledge, HIS love and compassion towards all of us is also an act of the divine mother. Please embrace this moment, be in his servitude forever to relish this amazing grace.

It is said that , ‘Bramhave:da bramha:iva bhavathi’ – one who feels Lord in his heart also appear with a glow that shows the grace of God, approach them and seek their support because they are the mentors and pathfinders to reach God.

Let us now look at the anthara:rdham, the inner meaning of the song which explains this beautiful truth behind the creation and pralayam. [observe the image above to understand the metaphors used below]

  • Four types of ego are represented by the four legs of the cot
  • Sura (Devathas), Nara(Humans, i.e. Moving creatures with an ability to grasp beyond the needs of living for the body), Stha:vara(Non-moving), Thiryak(Moving with no ability to grasp beyond needs of living for the body) are represented by four rafters on all four sides of the cot (2 long and 2 short)
  • We (the soul) is represented by the white bedsheet
  • Lakshmi Narayana thatvam is represented by the divine mother and divine father
  • The Vedam (original) and Veda:ngam (elaboration) are represented by the two wigs of the lamps that are lit all around the cot to say that we can understand the before math of creation only with the light of knowledge given by our Vedic literature

Before creation, we were in a state which is in a micro form (invisible state), but has all these elements above. After creation, we can see all the same elements in a macro form (visible state, i.e. us)

This beautiful explanation gives details of only a small clipping of what our sages, rushis have captured through deep meditation and love for that super power. Goda Devi has given this ultimate truth to us in a very sweet song, the 19th song of Thiruppavai. May we all abide by her and our Acharya, walk in their path with complete submission, and great enthusiasm.