On 04.11.14 Vanabhojana mahotsavam is arranged at Mandasa  temple on the eve of Karteeka dwadasi. 70 bhagavadbandhus from Rajam Vikasa Tarangini have attended the program with prior intimation. Local MLA G.S.S.Sivaji, MPP Mandasa, Sarpanch Mandasa are also attended the program. A total no.of 650 people are served food in this program. Our archaka swamys Kurmaswamy, Pavan swamy, Padhi swamy and Dileep swamy (Vanta swamy) collectively prepared the food besides performing the temple duties.
By the grace of Jagadguru, pilgrims visiting the temple are increasing time to time. Work of Kalyana mandapam is started and going on well.

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