The Vasantha Utsavam celebrations at Divya Saketam commenced in the evening on the 6th of April. To usher in the upcoming Greeshma Rutu or hot summer months, the Lord and presiding deity at the temple is adorned with various fragrant and cooling flowers and Ayurvedic herbs. He is anointed with various cooling and scented pastes like fresh sandalwood and turmeric, to help combat and cope with the hot weather that the summer brings forth each year. We perform alankaranam of the Lord and adorn Him with all these cooling and refreshing fragrant herbs and perform thirumanjanam or Abhishekam with these materials to attain His grace and keep the Lord cool and comfortable and reduce the heat during hot summers. The Vasantha Utsavams began with the Ankura Roopam on the evening of 6th April and will continue till the  morning of 11th April and will conclude in afternoon with the Mahapurna A:huthi. Everyone is cordially invited to participate and enjoy in the Vasantha Utsavam celebrations @ Divya Saketam.

Day 1 @Divya Saketam

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 Day 2 @Divya Saketam

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 Day 3 @Divya Saketam

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Day 4 @Divya Saketam

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