Recently, someone built a home that spread longer towards west. Realising its defect as per vasthu (science of architecture) after construction , he consulted a specialist. The specialist in vasthu advised a simple solution which involved building two poles and GI wire that connected them. Upon asking how it will help, he replied saying that the shade casted by the wire will shield from the ill effect of the expanded lower bank of the home!

The seeker was not satisfied. It was a simple solution and, so he did not feel like it is good enough. Knowing this attitude of the seeker, another vasthu specialist offered a more complex solution which involved a special puja, partial demolition and re-construction of some parts etc. The seeker is now satisfied and takes the second approach.

Who is at loss here? The seeker and the true vasthu specialist are both at loss. 

Let it be medical treatment, vasthu or even grace of God – people have come to a stage where they believe something is right only when it is complex, hard or involves lot of money and material. It’s a sad situation. We must come out of this. A simple solution is sufficient for most problems! Following it sincerely and working with genuine attitude is necessary.

Vasthu is science. It is not a blind belief. It aids one in building the right atmosphere to serve the required purpose in the most efficient way. However, going beyond and above, and making huge deal of business using this knowledge is harmful to the people who are doing it and the society as well.

Nowadays, vasthu is known to everyone, including architects in foreign countries. Because a Telugu speaking person takes his mango pickle and his belief in vasthu wherever he goes! 😊 Doesn’t he?

What is the motive of vasthu sastram anyway?

Vasthu sastram is aimed at supporting ones’ goal by creating the suitable atmosphere. If the atmosphere is not suitable, it provides ways to correct the elements in simple and easier methods. For example: Let’s see the most commonly used area of vasthu, the homes we live in.

What is the purpose of building a home?

  • To have an address for receiving postal shipments/letters?
  • To protect ourselves from rain and sun?

The prime purpose is to create an environment which supports us in making auspicious and solemn vows. An environment which supports us in delivering those vows into actions and results that are beneficial to us and the society around us.

ఉత్పద్యంతేవిలీయంతేదరిద్రాణాంమనోరథహ– A heart makes vows that come and go like the waves of an ocean. A home must serve the purpose of making right vows and translating them into action. Such is the purpose of a home.

To support this purpose, the science of vasthu must come into picture.

How do you use vasthu in your life?

  • I ignore it fully
  • I am too deeply involved into it, forgetting its prime purpose
  • I utilise the knowledge of vasthu to exploit people who don’t know it
  • I utilise it to make a living for myself ignoring its ethics

Please refrain yourself from all the above ways. Remember the purpose of it and utilise it to the right extent.

The seed of a tree germinates and comes to use for all of us in a calm and pleasant mode (నిశ్శబ్ధ మధురముగా). The sun rises and sets with no special welcomes and grand gestures (ఆర్భాట రహితముగా). Let our conduct also be driven by calm, composed, thoughtful, sincere and genuine intention and action. Let the science of vasthu support us in making our homes a place for such right conduct.

‘For Better Tomorrows’ is a book being released today, written by SrimanViswakarma ji. We hope it is written to inspire people to utilise vasthu in such a way that it doesn’t deviate them from the right prime objectives of life.

– From the address of Sri ChinnaJeeyarSwamiji
– 4th May 2019, Ravindra Bharathi

Vasth(Science of Architecture) and its Role
Vasth(Science of Architecture) and its Role