Excerpt of 10th Annual Branhotsavam of the temple for all our dear readers!

Mandasa (near Srikakulam) Vasudeva Swami temple, a 14th century temple was revived by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami (During the process, Swamiji took great care to to preserve it’s beautiful architecture inch by inch; the type of stone that was part of the temple’s original construction was from Orissa. The same stone type was fetched and was used in its reconstruction – This is a perfect example for how one should be reviving an old temple not compromising on authenticity, and not losing any element of historic significance) ! !

Key Highlights:

Lakshmi ammava

  • Garuda alwar has beautiful wide wings , 3 fingers bent on the floor forward and 1 finger backwards ready to take off to Lord ! scriptures describe Garuda as Gagane: gamana:ka:ram … , No other temple has such glorious deity!

  • Lakshmi ammavar looks as if she is recommending all who visit there to Lord, asking Him to forgive everyone and liberate them from the impact of karma ! The nicely blossoming lotus flowers on her hands indicate the readiness of all the devotees who visit the temple to have the entry to abode of Lord Srimannarayana!

  • Vasudeva Perumal of this temple awes every single one ! The deity clearly looks like a handsome young man standing there from whom you cannot take your eyes off !

  • Youth have split themselves up into three groups Ramanuja Dalam, Vasudeva Dalam, Srimannarayana Dalam and are offering great services to the temple. All women formed themselves as Andal Dalam performing various dance forms during the celebrations!

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