When does a deed become a burden to us?’

Addressing the same thought, Sri Krushna in Bhagavad Githa said, ‘Do not leave any of your duties behind and run away from war but instead do the duties and leave the association with it, and I will take care of rest as I am the one who is making you do”. But, how can we do this? How can we perform duties without being attached to them?

When we take up any task, we believe that:
1. We are the doers
2. We are eligible to do it
3. We deserve the result

These are the three dangerous things that lead to the troubles in life. Leaving these three kind of association with the task will lead one to liberation from all karmas.

When you have a meal, is it you (the atman) or the body that has taken in the food content?

Body lies motionless when the atman leaves it. So, it isn’t the body. But, atman also cannot take in the food without the help of the body. It is God who is within us who controls the entire intricate infrastructure of the body and the atman. So, the ability to eat is a result of his efforts, and so leave the result also to him

We are alive today because The Lord is still within us in this body. He is the source of our life. It is His presence that enables us to work and so lets leave the result to Him.

He is the one who is giving energy, He is the cause we are able to do work and so He is the one who deserves the result of the jobs done. When we can realize this and do our daily jobs with the edifice then we will be free from all bondages and fetters of karma from past lives will be broken forever.

– From the discourse of Chinna Jeeyar Swamy on Aug 26th 2018

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