What are the two key activities that one should engage in on this day?

First activity – Seek support and blessings from anyone who you think can give you the strength to overcome hurdles in any activity that you take up.
Second activity – Remind yourself of a historical event connected to a great personality who can show you how to overcome hurdles.

First activity – Vishwaksena Aradhana!

Vishwaksena is the commander-in-chief of Lord Vishnu’s army. He is so powerful that Lord sometimes can just make him the in-charge and take a break from his routine. He resembles Vishnu in many ways. He is so blessed that anything used by Lord Vishnu comes first to his hands and only then to anyone else. He is one of the primary beings in ‘Nityasuri vargam’ along with Anantha and Garuda, the sect of souls who were never separate from Lord. So, we seek support and blessings of Vishwaksena (our first activity in the list above) on this day to help us attain the strength necessary to overcome any hurdle. You can pray whoever you believe will help you cross hurdles. It can be your brother, your father, your friend, Vinayaka or Vishwaksena! Depending on the capabilities of that power you choose, you will be relived from the hurdles to that extent. We believe that Vishwaksena being the chief commander of Lord Vishnu’s army will be able to support us in the best way possible and we therefore seek his blessings and worship him on this day. Today, ‘Vinayaka’ was given to the asram by Agricultural University of Rajendra Nagar here and therefore we have him in front of us as well supporting us on this day. Vinayaka is made with beautiful natural ingredients obtained from plants, fruits and pulses by the students of the university.

Second activity – Inspirational event – Shamanthakamani during Sri Krushna’s time!

Sri Krushna is worshipped by everyone! However, he was also blamed for something that he was not responsible for. What did he do in such times? Did he ignore or did he prove himself? He went in search of truth and proved that Sathrajith who blamed him for wrong-doing was mistaken. He proved that one should work towards attaining the goal rather than running away due to hurdles in the path. A part of that Shamanthakamani that Krushna obtained when Prasanejith lost it in the forests is now being showcased in a museum in London, as Hope Diamond!

—From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Vighna Nivarana Chathurdhi!

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