HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s Message

Morning after Thirttha Goshti:

Mangalasasanams to all on the occasion of Vijaya Dasami. Today is Pu:datha:lwar’s thirunakshathram. When the sun enters Thula rasi, we celebrate the thirunakshathram of 3 of the first a:lwars in our lineage, Poighai, Pu:dath and Pe:yi alwar. Their thirunkashathrams fall on 3 consequetive days on the stars, Sravana, Dhanishta and Satabhisham.

Yesterday we celebrated the thirunakshathram of Poighai a:lwar. He was born in Kanchipuram and he showed how to offer our prayers to the Lord we see in archa form. He made the earth as a lamp, all the oceans as ghee, the sun and moon as two lights in the lamp to see God’s form.

But, A:lwar born today, Pu:dath Alwar showed us how to see the Lord within us. To see Him, he showed us how to make our manas as a container, the love we have for Him as ghee, our thoughts as wicks and finally light the lamp with Jnanam. This great a:lwar appeared in a beautiful Madhavi flower in the seaside town of Mahabalipuram.

Today, we are also celebrating Vijaya Dasami. Sometimes the festivals we celebrate don’t coincide with the dates others celebrate them. This year, Vijaya Dasami was celebrated by the rest of the world yesterday. As per ‘Sri Prasna Samhitha” while elaborating the worship of Mother exclusively says that importance should be given to Dasami thitthi which is present in the evening. As sa:ktheya agama worships Mother only on these days, everyone celebrated Vijaya Dasami yesterday.

However, the temples where Lord is also worshipped on these days, follow the dictum laid in Parama purusha samhitha. Parama Purusha samhitha dictates that the Dasami should not be touched by Namavi at the time of sunrise. If that should occur, Vijaya Dasami should be celebrated on the next day, regardless if it Ekadasi. Yesterday, though Dasami was present in the evening, and Sravana star was there in the morning, the day was not pure as Namavi thitthi was present at the time of sun rise. Hence, we celebrate Vijaya Dasami today.

On Vijaya Dasami, the Lord Himself comes to Semi Vruksha on a horse and worships Mother in the form of Semi tree. Whoever, where ever this ritual is followed, celebrate Vijaya Dasami today. Thus God blessed us to celebrate Vijaya Dasami on both days.

It is the practice in our temples that Lord’s vahanas are washed and beautifully decorated in preparation of Lord’s trip to Semi tree on the previous day. However, Lord comes on Aswa Vahana – as this month is Aswayuja month.

HH concluded morning mangalasasanams by sharing the good news that 108 inches Ramanuja statue in hard cement will be laid on the Vijaya Kiladri mountain which is in front of Sitanagaram asramam. This statue will last for atleast 800 years. While Ramanuja statue in Samshabad will be surrounded by 108 divya desams, the hill here will be consecrated with Vaikuntta Nattha, Vyuha Vasudeva ( 4 temples), Vibhava forms (dasa avatharas), 24 forms ( Kesava, Narayana, Madhava – 24 temples), exclusive temples for Lord Rama, Lord Krushna, Lord Venkateswara and Lord Varaha, Ashta Lakshmi temples, alwars and acharyas. A road is being laid and estimate is it will be completed within 2 weeks.

Vijayakeeladri is mentioned in historical documents as a place of Lord Venkateswara as early as 1904. In 1961-62, HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji started to develop this temple and Lord Venkateswara was consecrated at that time. However, due to His involvement in the major 108 Sri Rama Krathu Programs, this project took a back seat. Meanwhile a few devotees constructed a temple for the Lord at the foot of the hill itself.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, after seeing the history, took it up as a mission to develop this hill into a major spiritual and educational retreat.

Today, the foundation stone was laid for the first of the many temples, Sri Sita Rama Sannidhi, by MLA Sriman Gokaraju Gangaraju garu.

Lord Vishwaksena’s thirunakshathram is coming up in November. A devotee from Chennai already sponsored the Vighraham for the temple. Anyone who would like to be part of this magnanimous and divine effort are welcome to be part of it.

In the evening, Semi puja was conducted and the archaka shot arrows in all 8 directions to remove to hindrances and bless everyone with victory.

Here are the slokas you can chant in your evening prayers to Lord and Mother:

semi: samayathe: pa:pam semi: lo:hitha kantaka:
dha:rinya arjuna ba:na:na:m ra:masya priya va:dini:

karishyama:na ya:thra:ya:m yattha: ka:lam sukham maya:
thathra nirvighna ka:ri:thvam bhava sri:ra:ma pu:jithe:

amangala:na:m samani:m samani:m dushkruthasya cha
duh swapna na:sini:m dhanya:m prapadye:ham semi:m subha:m

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