On the eve of International Women’s Day, Vikasa Tarangini Karimnagar conducted a General Health camp and Cancer Awareness and prevention camp for women in Kattarampur, Karimnagar town, 23 rd Ward at PRAGATHI NGO KIRAN KALYAN FOUNDATION (gives shelter to homeless) with the co-operation of Chalmeda Medical, Hospitals, Karimnagar.

Sriman Chalmeda Laxmi Narsimha Rao, Rajni (in charge of the MEPMA center), Venkatayya (NGO in charge), Padma (Local Leader) and VT members attended the Camp. A total of 180 Members attended the camp – 98 Women and 83 Men.

Below are the Statistics:

VIA -ve 40
 VIA +ve  Nil
 Refused  47
 Cycles Problem 04
 Hysterectomy 02
 Cervicitia 01
Cervix Healthy04
Total 98

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