Jiva Campus

Sriman Vineeth Narayana Ji of Brundavan visited JIVA to offer prayers and have the divine darshan of Perumal & HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamivaru at Divya Saktham and seek blessings. Sriman Vinneth Narayan Ji has been playing a key role in re establishing, renewing and renovating the Sankarsha Kund (Holy lake called Sankarshana) at Brundavan. He along with Sriman Dr Rameswara Rao garu have been instrumental in renewing the glory of Brundavan through their kainkaryam and sincere efforts. Smn. Vineeth Narayan Ji came to South Bharath to take the Sri Sankarshana Vigraha to Brundavan, along with the blessings of our beloved HH Swamivaru. The 24 feet stone Vigraha will be established and consecrated at the holy and pious land of Brundavan, shortly. Sriman Vineeth Narayan Ji invited HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamivaru to grace the occasion with His divine presence and extended the invitation to all the devotees at Divya Saketam to participate in the inauguration ceremony at Brundavan.
HH Swamivaru offered Mangalasasanams to Smn. Vineeth Narayan Ji and appreciated the great service he is rendering in re establishing, upholding and protecting the glory of Lord Sri Krishna at Brundavan.

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