Hanuman’s life mirrors the path to success. It carries the ultimate recipe of all the right ingredients to cook up a life we sought out in our own nutshell of life.

As a child, He dispayed a potent store of energy when as he jumped up to sun and swallowed it whole. Such was his forte! Hanuman had a treasure trove of powers but was not aware of his merits until he met with Sri Ramachandra. Lord Rama was the activating trigger needed to remind Hanuman of his own inherent strength.

When lord Rama bestowed the job of searching Sita, Hanuman sprung to action with great alacrity. It was a herculean task performed with supreme confidence. He said to himself:

Yatha Raghava nirmukhta: Sarah:
SwasanaVikramaha: gachet: thathvat Gamishyami
Lankaam ravana Palitham

(just as an arrow launched from Sri Rama hits the bulls eye and remains unscathed, I’m going to set out to Lanka and fulfill the job untouched)

It was not the awareness arrogance of his abilities rather, it was the confidence in Rama-Karyam, and his supreme trust in Sri Rama which propelled him to act.

And he succeeded! He crossed his hurdles. He relayed his message to Sitamma. He communicated with Ravana and acquainted him with his formidable foe, much to Ravana’s dismay. There were moments of self-doubt, doubt from Sitamma, doubt from the warriors of Sri Lanka, failure and even fear of defeat. However, Hanuman never took a back step in his pursuit. With single-minded devotion and the spirit of true confidence, Hanuman achieved his goal. He fulfilled his duty, no matter the hurdles, no matter the chaos, with the belief instilled by Rama.

We are truly blessed lot to have Hanuman as our mentor.

There is the same supreme strength in all of us.  As humans, as we are the only one species of God’s creation who can ponder and make decisions about the inner-self. Let’s pray that Sri Rama unearth this divine potency and give the direction to succeed like Hanuman.  Let him focus our energies. Thus, we can ultimately gain humility and poise just like Hanuman.

Sometimes in the trials and tribulations of life and make us lose our grounding and lose our self in this maze of life.

In times like this, we need the Rama-Hanuman duo to help us stay afloat. We should try to practice, in life what they preached.  Surrender yourself to Acharya and in this case, make Hanuman your Acharya.

If you are a devotee of Sri Hanuman, then don’t be one for simply namesake of it, but be The One.  Practice the essence of it and, imbibe His values, His beliefs, His strategies, and in your life experience the divine energy of Hanuman.

-From the teachings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami, on Hanuman Jayanthi, May 25th, 2019

Vote for Hanuman’s way to life
Vote for Hanuman’s way to life
Vote for Hanuman’s way to life