Today ‘vruddha dampathi: varivasya: ’ program was conducted grandly. More than 550 couples who crossed 70 yrs and took samasrayanams participated in the program accompanied by their children. The couples wore the clothes gifted by HH and sat in their assigned places. HH spoke on the importance of mother and father who are the first and second gurus of a child, who form the first link in the unbroken chain of ‘guru parampara’.  Explaining the meaning of the word ‘varivasya’  which means seva/service, HH explained the significance of the program. This program was conducted to show gratitude to the elders who have been following the  great Vaishnava tradition. HH stressed the need to educate the children and grand children about the valuable traditions  to enliven the same in future generations.  He implored the youngsters to learn tradition, customs  also as part of their inheritance.

HH implored the youngsters to learn tradition, customs and to respect and love their parents without whom their entity is impossible. As he was explaining about our Jagadacharya Bhagavad Ramanuja’s benevolent reforms, HH narrated some instances from Sri Ramanuja’s life which showed his large heartedness who  regarded all as equal before God. As a token of gratitude to that great A:charya, HH is constructing the statue of Equality in a vast area and welcomed everyone to become a part in this sublime service contributing their bit. He conveyed how fortunate we are, to become a part in this millennium celebration.

Ghazal Srinivas who came with his friends from the movie field, sang some ghazals on mother and father and moved the audience. They all pledged their help in this unique project and sang the glories of A:cha:rya in his manifold projects for the upliftment of masses. HH released a CD of songs on Ramanuja composed by Sri Sarvani. Then pada puja was conducted by the children to their parents and mangalasasanam was done. Swamiji blessed them all to be a part of the Vaishnava community and to train their children’s children too in the right path. All were delighted and had a sumptuous prasadam  and left with joy filled hearts.


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