Krushna’s Butter Pot

Sep 7th, 2015 – Jai Srimannarayana…!

Lord Krushna and His gopa friends spent a good amount of their free time by breaking pots and stealing butter in different houses in Nanda Gokulam. Gopis used to hang them high, hidden from view and hard to reach places. But, the mischievous boys were always successful in locating them and used different ideas to steal the butter without getting caught.

Traditionally, as part of this festival this favorite pastime of Lord Krushna  is celebrated by breaking butter pots and is called Vuttlo:tsavam. Following this tradition, today Vuttlothsavam was celebrated with great fervor in JIVA.  Film actor  Sriman Rajendra Prasad, President of Movie Artist Association attended the occasion and felt very happy to be part of the event. He was invited to control the rope when JIVA Vedic Junior students batch participated in the vuttlothsavam. A total of seven batches participated in the occasion.

The onlookers had a thrilling edge-of-the-seat excitement as the different groups tried their luck with the butter pots. The winners are

  • JIVA Gurukulam- Juniors – Puranam Vamsi Krishnamacharyulu
  • JIVA Gurukulam- Seniors – Teja
  • Netra Vidyalayam Boys Degree First Year – K. Gopalachari
  • Netra Vidyalayam- Girls Degree Final Year – C. Manga
  • Open Category  Junior boys – Madanapalli village boys
  • Open Category  Gents – L. Manohar
  • Open Category Ladies Winner – Mrs. Mamatha & Ms. Monica


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