Once, the students of Jeeyar Educational Trust Vedic School went on a peace march by foot from Sri Kurmam, Andhra Pradesh to Puri in Orissa.

In Puri, they went to take a bath in the sea. It was their first experience. The kids caught each others’ hands and went into the sea. The waves started hitting them. Some kids lost their balance, while others were lashed back to the beach by the strong waves. The kids were struggling but were unable to take a bath in the sea.

A fisherman was watching the struggle of the boys from the shore. He approached them and gave them two simple tips. “Duck your head when a huge wave approaches you and when a small wave comes, just jump. Then you will not be thrown off your feet and you can enjoy the swim.” The boys followed his advice and had a merry time enjoying the swim.

Is it not a wonderful lesson for us too? We can apply it and make this journey of life a smooth sail while facing the turbulences of joys and sorrows. But how?

All of us come across sorrows. How do we react to them?

Well, we feel that the world has come to an end. We feel that we reached the bottom of the world and are engulfed with darkness. We pity ourselves. We wish to end our lives or run away to some far off place.

Is there any escapade from this situation? Yes! At this juncture, as the fisherman advised, all we have to do is to bend our head in humility to the karmic laws and have firm belief that the Supreme Lord is with us always, never leaving us and taking care of us. And the vicissitudes will soon pass over.

Also, there are phases in our life when we have good times. We might come across unexpected joy. Then, our happiness knows no bounds. We hit the roof out of joy. We tend to forget ourselves. Just as the boys jumped over the small waves and maintained their balance in the waters, we too need to remember our roots and have a strong foothold on the reality.

Then, we can lead this journey of life smoothly without any hurdles and reach our ultimate goal i.e getting rid of karmic bondages and doing divine service to Lord.


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