It is said that Krushna took the responsibility of calves in particular, because they followed him completely with no preconceived notions on where to drink water, or where to feed themselves. They simply followed his lead. This is the essence of Vedas, one who submits completely to God is taken care by Him! Then, God and the Soul share bliss! (sarva:thmana: arpanam) – taken from Bhagavad Vishayam discourse of Swamiji.

On the day of Sri Krushna Jayanti, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji spent time at JIVA Gosala. It is a routine for Swamiji at least once in every 15 days. A short play portrayed few students of Vedic school as gopalas and Kalpana ji, an alumni of Vedic school as Yashoda. Little Krushna was shown running around hiding from his mother. Beautiful and simple play that brought smiles on all faces!

Chinnajeeyar swami

 After more than 5000 years of Krushna’s appearance on this land, people don’t take even a second to lose themselves in the naughty deeds of the little one…! Why? Because He is just full of life with no barriers in spreading love!

Cow lovers from many parts of the land such as from Rajastan, (India), Warangal (Telangana, India) Brazil (South America), Tanzania (Africa), Berlin (Germany). Everyone spoke about the importance of protecting native cows of India. They all shared their experiences with cows and what they are doing to ensure hybridization is prevented. A couple of messages for our dear audience!

Sriman Shyam from Tanzania said, ‘World outside India is dark. Don’t underestimate the opportunities you have and the land you belong to. I feel blessed to be here today. Cows are to be nourished and protected so that people are more healthier and wiser!’

Swamiji also shared the following event from a couple of months ago. Famous Bollywood film maker, Sriman Mani Shankar ji along with his wife visited Swamiji recently. They were happy with the visit. On the way back, they ended up buying gorasam from JIVA Gosala of the ashram. Two days prior to visiting Swamiji, they found out that their pet dog is extremely sick and will most certainly lose life in another couple of days. They began to use gorasam and fed the dog too. To their surprise, the dog got healthier and is just fine now! He came back to the asram, bought 20 bottles of gorasam to share with friends and family!

Swamiji said, ‘Krushna walked behind the cows, and their calves. It was because of this that His head was filled with the dust from their feet. This is what made him eligible to become the Jagadguru in the later years!’

Let’s take the advice, discourage any kind of hybridization or using products of Jersey cows. Also, don’t over-use native cow products, that will trigger business groups to produce more of them commercially. That can dilute the nativity of the species. So, let’s act moderately and share good knowledge. Let’s love the breed of cows that Sri Krushna raised with loads of compassion!

-JIVA Gosala on the day of Sri Jayanti