As the 10th class exams approach, specially designed classes for government school children, Prerana at JIVA campus concluded with an exchange of well-wishes, advises, and the blessings of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami himself.

Several students expressed their gratitude for a wonderful advice from Swamiji that helped them a lot during the preparation phase.

The advice from Swamiji:

On a given day, focus only on ONE subject. The current education system has very short duration for each period, such as 45 minute or 50 minute sessions. This decreases a child’s ability to focus on one subject for longer time. Earlier education system had longer time allotted for a specific topic or series of connected topics. Don’t miss reading on the next tab ‘Current Education System reduces one’s ability to concentrate longer – How do we fix it back to the way it was?’

So, the students began to follow the advice from the 12th of March on the day they heard Swami and started to feel better in terms of their confidence at the end of the day on the subject they focused on.

The students also expressed their extreme gratitude towards parents, teachers, JIVA staff, and Swamiji for the opportunity to study in an atmosphere which is absolutely a bliss. A temple, a school for blind children, a school for Vedic education, a highly effective and affordable medical help through JIMS hospital, research centre, 216 feet Statue of Equality and above all the presence of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

On the 3rd of March 2017, Swamiji said, ‘The flow of knowledge from within you is called Saraswati, That flow should be of 5 characteristics – Satyam, Hitham, Priyam, Mitham, and Madhuram’

When your words encompass those 5 characteristics, then your behaviour and the resulting actions will also flow in the same path. Academic excellence, marks in the exams will all work out just ok when you discipline your life in this way. Love the work you do, write your exam just like you would eat a favourite dish, with love! Above all, the samskaram that the students showed by beginning to thank their parents is itself a wonderful trait these days. The pure blessing from parents has the power to go long way in a child’s life!’

Swamiji wished everyone the very best and welcomed them all anytime to the campus and be connected!

– Excerpts from Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami’s discourse

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Current Education System reduces one’s ability to concentrate longer – How do we fix it back to the way it was

Current Education System reduces one’s ability to concentrate for longer duration – How do we fix it back to the way it was?!

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