Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami beautifully explained the purpose of Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanam. The purpose of avataram, God’s visible form is to protect us. Protection happens only when his heart is filled with compassion. Rama, the avatar of Narayana himself, is strict by nature when it comes to protecting the souls. His Kalyanam with Sitha Devi is critical for us to enable his Love for us sit atop the strict nature!

That is why, aagama scriptures say – యస్య అవతార దివసే తస్య కళ్యాణం ఆచరేత్ !

But, Sitha Devi (Lakshmi Devi) – the personification of pure compassion is so precious that when Narayana took the form of Rama, he had to evolve to a level that he became fit for Sitha Devi!

Sri Samudrala Ranga Ramanujacharya explained four qualities of Rama that made him eligible for the divine union.

  1. Abhi:janamhas a body formed out of mantra japam from rushis! మంత్రమయమయిన దేహము
  2. Buddhima:nwhen someone asks you to do a task, you should a check against sastram to decide if it is to be done or not; When Viswamitra asked Rama to kill Tataki, He checked to see if it is acceptable to kill a woman; He found out that it is ok to do it when she is harmful to the world!
  3. Para:kramam – to have an urge to finish a task instead of delaying it for some or other reason
  4. Mano:darudyam – be equipped with power of thapas, తపో బలము so that he can control his heart, మనసు

Sri Rama was of course an embodiment of all those four qualities and more! He had spent his time evolving to become eligible under the able guidance of sage Viswamitra!

The entire event was extremely rich filled with love and devotion towards the divine couple! Starting with Vishwaksena prayer, Punyahavachanam, Kankana Dharana as part of Pre-Event. During the Kalyana muhurtam (muhurtam = 48 minutes), the Jeelakarra Bellam, Mangala Sutram, Laja Homam, Varana Mayiram were all beautifully performed by Sriman Gopi Krishmacharya, head priest of Divya Saketham Sriman Raghudatta, Sriman Ranagacharya, Sriman Sudarsanacharya, Sriman Vamsi, Sriman Ramunuja, Sriman Harish to name a few!

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