Don’t be surprised, but Human Beings are the most dangerous species on the Earth. We have been assaulting each other from historic period through wars. We are still exhibiting senseless brutality with guns, terrorist attacks, hurting women etc. What’s more alarming is we became the reason for global warming, destruction of forests, nuclear devices, genetically modified super bugs, over tourism, exploitation of natural resources.

We allow hazardous gases into the air, we are chemicalising land, we are contaminating water bodies. We have not only become a threat to other species on the Earth, but we are making it difficult for ourselves to survive. Unfortunately, we have done more harm than good.

This is exactly why Human Beings need training for good traits more than any other species in the world. We need help in everyway possible to understand why certain behaviour is recommended over another, why certain foods are restricted for us, why is it important to assess need before spending on something, why values and ethics are crucial for our own sustenance. 

Who can help and guide us in such critical situations?

This is what Vedic Wisdom teaches us comprehensively than any other source of wisdom that ever existed in the world! Temples are reflections of all that great wisdom

Human Beings have two strong emotions towards God, fear and devotion. It is these two emotions that make one responsible and reliable. If one neither fears God nor loves God, their conduct will go beyond bounds and cause trouble! Such is the situation we are currently in.

Example: If the government has laid down strict rules on driving, it does not matter if the traffic police is monitoring you or not, if one has respect and love for his life and of others, he would follow it. Or if one is afraid of being caught through hidden cameras, he would follow it. 

If one neither fears nor loves, his attitude becomes dangerous to himself and others around. In this example, the scope and impact of conscious conduct is limited to safe driving practises. If you raise this scope and impact of conscious conduct to presence of God within and around us every minute, then one will act responsibly throughout their life.

It is only then that one will begin to… 

Care for others than being Cruel,
Collaborate than Compete,
Share with others than feel Superior,
Satisfy Needs over Greed,
Worship the divine, and Respect everyone,
Serve all beings as Service to God!

When one understands the role of the supreme Lord in life, the bigger picture of soul (ourselves), the connection between nature and us, the compassion that is abundantly inherent within all of us, then the person will automatically abide by not only the laws of a nation but also the entire existence. His conduct will align in accordance to the eternal tune, not against it. This will result in peaceful and joyful co-existence in gratitude to the Supreme compassionate power, God.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 11 th March 2020, Vizianagaram, 5 th Battalion Police Academy
– Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami Temple Foundation Stone ceremony