The means to achieve ‘Union with Happiness’ begins with practising Yoga / Pranayama. When you add right wisdom to the practice, the happiness evolves to a higher degree.

Scientists of Vedic lineage, Rushis are masters of Yoga. When one practises Yoga, it aids the entire community. Yoga not only strengthens one’s physical body, but it also evolves the individual to have a kinder heart! Collective health of the society grows! What more can we ask? It is the need of the day now, and it will continue to be need for the human kind forever!

Practice Yoga for yourself daily, and you will automatically be helping the society by giving a ‘better you’ to it!

When you practice Yoga, do it in a way that it does not make you want to breathe heavily to cope up! You must feel happier when you complete your Yoga routine for the day, instead of feeling worn out! That is when you can consider it being done correctly.

While health is a necessity, it is also very important to choose the right method to maintain the health. Going to Gyms can help you to a level, but you should consider adding Yoga to the routine because you can have a peaceful heart and an active mind along with good muscles!

While Yoga Day is observed today, we all should make it a part of daily routine! At JIVA campus, all the students who go to Vedic school, and all the students who go to Nethra Vidyalaya (college for visually challenged kids) have been practicing Yoga every single day since the inception! Not only at the campus here, but any of the schools run by Vikasa Tarangini in tribal areas have Yoga as part of their daily routine!

– From the talk of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Yoga Day, 21st June 2018

Sriman Yogi Sanjay ji facilitated the Yoga Day this year. Students Medical College, Nethra Vidyalaya, Vedic Schools practiced Yoga together today at JIVA auditorium!