The purpose of fasting on the day of Ekadasi is to help us stay closer to Lord by cleansing the impact of the food taken in. Swamiji says, ‘When you don’t eat right, the food begins to eat you!’

On this day, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was invited to inaugurate ‘Hanuman Murthi’ in Madanapalli Thandaa. The devotees of ramdas, Hanuman ji began to sing songs out of love for Lord with so much energy that the whole place was filled with joy!

Speaking on this occasion, Swamiji said:

Hanuman ji taught us how to serve Lord! When in Love for Lord, you will automatically begin thinking right and acting according to the thought (Like a cloth that holds hing/Asafoetida/ingu gets the flavour onto it)! When Sitha, belonging of Rama was taken away from Him, Hanuman taught us how to warn the abductor, how to assure Sitha of Rama’s arrival! He taught everyone about how one should mind one’s  work, and not be greedy or indulge into anyone else’s property or belief system.

The devotion within him for Rama gave him strength to cross 100 yojanas, It made him courageous and powerful to cross extremely tough hurdles such as Surasa, Lankini and more! If our devotion is strong enough, we all can become equally powerful to protect dharma and be devoted to the path laid by Sri Rama!

If we are being hindered from practising our dharma in anyway, let us ensure we recollect this act of Hanuma and stick to our roots!

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