As days are passing by, most women are losing touch with hard core household chores. Churning curd for butter is one of them.

Milk from native cows is curdled. The curd is then churned for butter. Butter is then heated to give very tasty and naturally flavoured ghee! Ghee made this way is healthy, and does not give any ill-effects on the level of cholesterol in a body. Our scholars gave beautiful inner sense to this external act. Don’t miss reading it and sharing it with your near and dear!

Ghee in Sanskrit is called ‘sneham’. Sneham (jiddu) is that which keeps two entities bonded!

Women would happily chant the name of Krushna and do the curdling, churning and warming for butter and ghee. They did not involve themselves in any unnecessary thoughts during the process, out of love and respect towards Krushna! So, without their knowledge the resulting butter or ghee was pure. The families had the butter and/or ghee along with their staple food. The attitude of people also reflected the same: tenderness and plainness of butter and the bonding attribute of ghee. This was the case for every chore that they carried out. So the entire life went by in the direction of serving Krushna through their chores!

A mother would add this ghee to the child’s feed and feed the child with her hands (the God given natural spoon and forks)! The child’s food did not have anything bought from outside, frozen and re-heated etc. It was all fresh and healthy. The ghee, sneham bonded people.

To revive this, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji encouraged an event calledDadi Madhanotsavam’, the Churning of Curd by 108 Women organised at Divya Saketham, JIVA! Srimathi Vasumati Bhaskar Rao, head of JBIT group of Institutions lead the event with help from a team of volunteers.

Swamiji also churned curd and said,

Cows reflect Vedas

Milk represents the wise words from the cows.

Belief in those wise words should be so strong that it cannot be shaken in any circumstance. The strength of the belief in those wise words is represented by curd.

When curd is churned with the churning stick, it yields butter. One should use his buddhi (the churning stick) to churn the curd, i.e. think, analyse and apply the words and repeat. When one successfully applies those words in shaping their character, their attitude towards everyone will be as soft, tender and plain, white as the butter.

The resulting ghee adds the bonding attitude and the society is in harmony. The wise words are beneficial for people to live harmoniously with others in this world, and at the same time pave way for path to bliss at the outer world after the current life.

What else can one want? Let’s approach those great beings whose life is exemplary of Vedas and follow their lead!

Swamiji added, ‘This activity is so good for health and avoids the need for using an elliptical at gym!’ ????.

From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, 4th Friday of Sravana masam

-September 7th, 2018

Women totally accepted the above statement because they were properly sweating from the activity! The entire upper body was at work. While making the woman physically healthy for a good cause, the activity also yields products that are an absolute treat for the entire family! Take the first step towards this, even if it means domesticating cattle for milk!