Vighna Nivaraka Chaturdhi is the day dedicated to understanding ways to overcome hurdles in our path to joy! Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji explained what is the best way to perceive a hurdle.

There are two ways to deal with hurdles…

  • Pray God to remove hurdles one by one when they block you
  • Pray God to give you the ability for understanding a hurdle and how to overcome it, through a protective shield

God himself showed ways to overcome hurdles in His avataras. That is why the later way is recommended by our elders and in our scriptures.

Once we know what to ask God, there are two things that one should do on this day:

  • Pray to that power who you believe can support you in dealing with hurdles
  • Read about great people who overcame hurdles and be inspired to follow their path

According to Vishwaksena samhitha, it is said that Vishwaksena is the commander in chief of all forces of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, we pray to Vishwaksena on this day.

Vinayaka Chethurdhi

The prayer says –

Yasya dwirada vakthra:dya:h pa:rishadya:h paras satham !
Vighnam nighnanthi satham vishwak se:nam tham a:sraye: !

We read history of great people such as Gandhiji to understand how he stayed with principles during freedom struggle.

When one is sincere in their efforts, even animals come into help during any hurdle in your way – Sri Rama’s life inspires us this way and in many great ways. All his life, there were several challenges – He took every challenge or a hurdle as an opportunity to live the way a perfect human being should.

Sri Krushna also showed us wonderful path in this regard (working with hurdles). He was blamed for stealing shamanthaka mani (a precious gem). He proved that it was not true by fighting a battle with valour, intelligence and patience!

Let us all be inspired by them today. Let us build the right shield (gnana) of values and abilities to support us in moving ahead in our goals.

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