Climbing up the Hill chanting the name “Govinda”:

When the sage Suta narrated the greatness of the Tiruvenkata Mountain,. the rishis decided that when they went on a pilgrimage to Tirumala they should chant only the name “Govinda” to the exclusion of the other names of the Lord of Sri. The Varaha Puranam in Chapter 30. States that the congregation of sages climbed up the hill calling the name “Govinda-Govinda loudly and without interruption Sri Ramanuja created the tradition in accor­dance with the Puranic account that all pilgrims who go up the hill to worship the Lord should keep calling the name “Govinda-Govinda” loudly and continuously as in olden times. This would, incidentally, dispel any doubt that Tiruvenkata Hill is a Saiva-kshetra and pundits as well as common people would know that it is a Vishnu kshetra. He also established the tradition that pilgrims should worship the self-revealed feet of Sri Venkateswara at the fOot of the hill foot and then get up to Tirumala.