99% of our Vedas are lost. Out of 1131 branches only 12 branches are available today. To save Vedas, HH Pedda Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji started a Vedic school – Veda Vedanga Vidyalayam in Nadigaddapalem in 1976 which became a flowering bed where great scholars and as many as 17 Jeeyars studied/ here.

Later, in 1984, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji established JEEYAR EDUCATIONAL TRUST VEDIC UNIVERSITY in a serene environment on the Southern banks of sacred river Krishna in Sitanagaram, Guntur district. The school began with 70 students. On May 3rd, 1987, on the occasion of Bhagawad Ramanuja Jayanthi, HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji established Pancharathra Agama school in the Kakatiya Cements premises, Jagayyapeta, Andhra Pradesh.The school began with 22 students. Currently there are 5 branches providing education to the enrolled students. More than 1500 students studied in the schools till date. Students are provided free education, boarding and lodging, clothes, books, supplies with the help of generous supporters. Yearly exams are conducted and students across the country attend the exams to get certified. HH’s aim is to have atleast 1000 students enrolled in the campus to study Vedas or Vedantha.

Sri U.V Ranga Ramanujacharyulu
Sri U.V Ranga RamanujacharyuluVedic Research and Publications, Secretary JIVA
Sastram and Vedantham
Sriman Venkatacharyulu
Sriman VenkatacharyuluHead JET Sitanagaram
Scholar in Agamam, Sastram and Astrologist
Sriman Madhusudhanacharyulu
Sriman MadhusudhanacharyuluPrincipal of Agama School, Sitanagaram
Scholar in Agamam and Principal in JET Sitanagarm
Sriman Samudrala Srinivasacharyulu
Sriman Samudrala SrinivasacharyuluVice Principal of Agama School, Sitanagaram
Scholar in Agamam and guruji in JET Sitanagarm
Sriman Govardhanacharyulu
Sriman GovardhanacharyuluPrincipal of JIVA Gurukulam
Scholar in Yajurvedam , Guruji and Principal in JIVA Gurukulam
Sriman Varaprasadacharyulu
Sriman VaraprasadacharyuluKrushna Yajurvedam Pandit , Vedabhavanam Karimnagar
Scholar in Maitrayani Shaka , Guruji and In-Charge of Veda Bhavanam
Sriman Srikanthacharyulu
Sriman SrikanthacharyuluRugvedam Pandit ,VARIJA
Scholar in Rugvedam , Guruji and In-Charge of VARIJA
Sriman Santhoshacharyulu
Sriman SanthoshacharyuluSukla Yajurvedam Pandit
Scholar in Sukla Yajurvedam and guruji in VARIJA


Sriman Ramalakshmanacharyulu
Sriman RamalakshmanacharyuluDivya Prabhandam Pandit
Scholar in Divya Prabhanadam, and Guruji in JIVA Gurukulam
Sriman Gopikrishnamacharyulu
Sriman GopikrishnamacharyuluKrishna Yajurvedam Pandit
Scholar in Yajurvedam and guruji in JIVA Gurukulam
Sriman Srinivasacharyulu
Sriman SrinivasacharyuluKrishna Yajurvedam Pandit
Scholar in Yajurvedam and guruji in JIVA Gurukulam
Sriman Vamsi Raghavacharyulu
Sriman Vamsi RaghavacharyuluRugvedic Pandit
Scholar in Rugvedam and guruji in JIVA Gurukulam