Bharath (India) is a country known for its grand and elaborate weddings. They depict some of the most authentic practices. The beauty of a wedding in vedic sampradayam lies in how it connects every aspect to the internal energy, and not just limit to the external extravaganza. There is a very important and fun-filled event prior to Engagement, called ‘The Welcome (ఎదురుకోలు)’. This event is not much in practice in in family weddings recently. But it is practiced very religiously prior to God’s kalyanam(wedding) in the temples. Learn what the event is about and what we can learn from it!

Firstly, why would anyone perform God’s wedding?

God’s wedding is performed for the sake of our benefit. The event aims at giving us an opportunity to serve God who appears in the form of archavigraha (the Deity form). It also aims at enriching our knowledge on what the kalyanam means and how it benefits us.

The Welcome event is generally hosted by the bride’s family. Although, it is not a rule that they should always host it. Whoever is locally-stationed becomes the host, and the other side becomes the guest.

The bride’s family and the groom’s family get together at this event and discuss certain key aspects to strengthen the upcoming new bond from all angles! Any unknowns, questions or clarifications are given one last chance, there by stepping into the wedding day with complete confidence and joy.

Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanam is the most special one and dear to all of us. Not only because the Rama avatar is a proper human form of God, but also because of their tender yet supreme qualities.

Who decides the bride for God (Rama)?

God does not pick his own bride (Sitha). But, Guru (Viswamitra) decides the bride. [A guru establishes the bond between God’s (Rama’s) supremacy and a soul (Sitha) who is filled with compassion. This combination gives birth to joy – a wedding celebration]

Give one example of how the discussion goes between both the sides.

Rama’s family asks Sitha’s family whether she has matching qualities to that of Rama for supporting him in His three main activities (Jagath Ka:ranatvam, Abhaya Prada:natvam, Moksha Prada:nam).

Sitha’s family explains as below.

The activity of God (Rama)Quality of Sitha that supports Rama’s activity
Jagath ka:ranatvam (Cause of Creation)Scriptures say that God’s thatva is split into two main forms:

  1. The Supreme controlling thatva (Rama/Narayana)
  2. The Supreme compassionate thatva (Sitha/Lakshmi).

Hence, she is already a beautiful part of the root cause of creation.

Abhaya prada:natvam (Protecting those who seek Him)The Narayana thatva protects those who seek His support.

The Lakshmi thatva is ready to support those who do not even know how to seek Narayana thatva for the ultimate protection.

She promises everyone that she will stand guard to all those who genuinely want to get out of troubles, but are not able to figure out a way to ask for protection from Narayana thatva.

Moksha prada:nam (Liberation from karmic bondage and giving the eternally blissful state)Narayana thatva is very strict. He does not deviate from the eligibility conditions for moksham. (liberation).

Lakshmi thatva encourages Narayana thatva to be a bit lenient with the seeker. On the other side, the Lakshmi thatva also encourages the seeker to be a bit more attentive to Narayana thatva and His instructions.

Thus, she is a beautiful mediator for the sake of our benefit.

So, Yes Sitha Devi (the form of Lakshmi thatva) is a perfect match for Rama (the form of Narayana thatva).

Thus, we can happily perform their wedding because their union is a blessing to us! To be honest, keeping aside the benefit for us after their union, the union of such great beings (supreme qualities of God with compassion filled heart of a soul) itself a reason for jubilant celebrations! Let’s all raise hands and say ‘Sri Rama Prabhu ki Jai’ and ‘Sitha mayya ki Jai’!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Edurukoluevent at DivyaSaketham
– 12th April 2019