A mirror shows an image that is skin deep. How about a mirror that shows who we are deep within, what is our state of mind internally?

Ramayana is such a mirror which shows the character and qualities that lie beneath the skin! It not only shows us what we are, but gives us a path to move up the radar and reach the dream personality, the most ideal human being. Rama is the model human being. Why? We must learn the intricacies of His conduct through a right guru and we will understand why. With the help of this ‘mirror’, we can correct ourselves to get closer to that model, Sri Rama Chandra!

సాధనమున పనులు సమకూరును… [ Put your efforts and success will follow ]

Sri Rama Chandra has never exhibited any divine qualities. However, He is equally worshipped as Sri Krushna. This shows how a human being who follows defined principles and is virtuous can earn respect, love and worship from all beings (devathas, animals, birds, people, trees and nature too!). That is why we need such ‘mirror’!

There are three levels of understanding this utthama kavyam, Sri Ramayana:

  • Level one (literary beauty) – The choice of words, the way of expression and the flow of thoughts are all extremely pleasant and perfect. Valmiki was given a boon by Brahma to write this maha kavayam in such a way that it reflects each incident describing the facts and also the intentions of each player in the incident.
  • Level two (moral and ethical) – Rama’s conduct in the scripture shows several dharmic values and great qualities a human being should follow. The sixteen qualities are the bare minimum that one should possess to be called a good human being.[Gunava:n-Sausheelyam(Affability),Veeryava:n(Strength),Dharmajna(Righteous path), Kritajna(Gratitude), Sathyava:kya(Truth), Drudhavrata(Determination), Ch:arithre:na cha ko yukta(good conduct) Sarvabhu:te:shu hita(Well-wisher to all beings), Vidwa:n(Proficient), Samartha(Compentent), Priyadarshana(Pleasant looking), A:tmava:n(Knowledgeable about A:tma), Jitakro:dha(Conquered anger), Dyutima:n(Brilliant), Anasu:ya(Not Jealous), Bibyati deva(To whom Gods fear)][గుణవంతుడు, వీర్యవంతుడు, ధర్మఘ్నుడు, క్రుతఘ్నుడు, సత్యవాక్యుడు, ధ్రుడవ్రతుడు, చారిత్రవంతుడు, సర్వభూతహితుడు, విద్వాంసుడు, సమర్థుడు, ఏకప్రియదర్శనుడు, ఆత్మవంతుడు, జితక్రోధుడు, ద్యుతిమంతుడు, అనసూయుడు] .
  • Level three (internal and eternal value) – Each character depicts a state of mind. Whatever state of mind you are in, there is a character that matches you in Ramayana. The state of mind that accepts God’s grace is the goal. Vibheeshana, Guha, Sabari, Sugreeva are all some people who accepted and invited Rama’s grace and association in their lives.

You can take Level two or Level three and analyse yourself. Observe the characteristics of all those involved in the story of Rama! You will notice a match with one or another character.

    • Sitha devi reflects the state of mind that is filled with compassion. Whoever has her grace fully, their abilities are driven to the fullest potential. That is how she supported Rama in all His endeavours. Are you full of compassion supporting good deeds in every way possible all the time with complete dedication selflessly?

Seetha Devi

    • Surpanakha reflects the state of mind who craved for all that she found interesting. At one time, she even came across Rama (goodness) but cared less about being compassionate (Sitha). Are you one who want all good things in your hand, but are not considerate of any others?


    • Ravana reflects the state of mind who is rajasik and wants to own everything, not caring about the interests of others. Do you always give in to your sensual desires, and go to any extent for owning what tempts you, disregarding dharma?


    • Rama is a complete human being who showed how one should lead life righteously, even though it becomes difficult at times to withstand the outcomes at intermittent stages. He accepts pain because the pain is only temporary compared to the permanent impact on others who watch him lead a righteous life. Are you one who stands first when practicing your dharma before preaching it? Are you one who stands guard for everyone else before protecting yourself and your family?

Sri Rama Chandra Swam

రక్షితా జీవ లోకస్య ధర్మస్య పరి రక్షితా|
రక్షితా స్వస్య ధర్మస్య స్వజనస్య పరి రక్షితా||

Kill the attitude of Ravana and Surpanakha within you and inculcate the qualities of Sitha and Rama. You can then proudly call yourself the true descendants of the Divine Duo, Sri Sitha Rama Chandra (Lakshmi Narayana) – the eternal parents  of the entire existence!

Depending on what questions you answered yes to, you can figure out who you are deep within! 😊 You may have ‘may be’ responses as well. Most of the times, the ‘may be’ is closer to ‘No’ than ‘Yes’. The good thing is: Rama stands as an inspiration at all times for anyone!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Sri Ramayana Tarangini
– 6th April to 14th April 2019

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