A Deficiency is defined as: lack or shortage of something that is essential. Example: Doctors prescribe vitamin tablets to treat the condition. Mothers make sure children have balanced diet so don’t become deficient of any essential nutrient.

A lot of such deficiencies we know are related to the physical body. Now, what about for the soul (atma) – the YOU?

Can the soul ever be deficient of anything? Yes, it can! 

A soul can become deficient of right knowledge. When one becomes deficient of right knowledge, the primary symptoms include arrogance, jealousy, anger, hatred, ungrateful attitude etc.

This is a bigger hidden problem than any deficiencies of the physical body. So, one must seriously watch out and take steps for treatment. When it gets treated, the resultant is a beautiful and a must-desired state!

Firstly, check the symptoms and figure out if you are actually deficient? If so, what is the process of getting treated?

The complete treatment is prescribed only in Vedas and the related literature. The vastness of these scriptures is huge. But, good news is that the essence of that vast Vedic wisdom is given in the form of beautiful verses (pasurams – poems) by our great Nammalwar. These verses are the pills that can treat you from the deficiency, the lack of right knowledge. Are you ready to take a dose now? 

When we say ‘knowledge’, it is NOT the knowledge of materials in terms of their physical characteristics, but it is the knowledge about ourselves. What is the true nature of the self? Are we made to live in this world just to go along with what is happening? Or Are we put into this human body with a purpose of elevating ourselves from the bondage of karma?

Now, we may wonder: “What is karma? What does it mean to be bonded? Aren’t we simply happy here, we grow up, enjoy, then get old, and die! This is okay,  right? What is so wrong in this? All other creatures are going through the same process. They don’t learn any scriptural knowledge from gurus!” [Unfortunately, our conduct is not as genuine as the other creatures. They stick to their needs. We (not everyone, but most people) are greedy!]

All such questions and the resulting conduct are due to the ‘deficiency of right knowledge’ about ourselves.

Here’s the first dose: 

No matter who we are or what we earn, we can neither control the ageing of our bodies nor the path of ourselves. We are all like the hands of a clock that move in a predefined order as long as they are powered by a battery.

God, the supreme soul is the “battery” who is keeping us alive in this body for a specified reason (giving us a chance to correct our karma). He can bring us out of this state and give us bodies that are capable of enjoying an eternally joyful state. That is when we are truly NOT deficient of right knowledge.

God is the only one who has such ability. The quality of being magnanimously powerful in every way is called Paratvam’

When you surrender to this Paramatma, He sheds off your ego. Everything then automatically works in your favour. You will then be in a state to understand many such wonderful great qualities of God. This understanding grows into love for Him. He will then show Himself to you everywhere! The taste of eternal joyful state lies in such constant companionship and service of God.

But, wait … Didn’t Hiranyakasipa and Prahlada both see God as Narasimha? Hiranyakasipa never loved God. He in fact challenged Prahlada of God’s non-existence. Why did God give him a chance to see Him?

There is nothing called – ‘Giving a chance …’. The para tatvam (the soul of God) exists everywhere. However, Hiranyakasipa’s desire to see God (out of hatred) was in its extreme state (100%). So, God made Himself visible to him at that moment and at that place (as he wished)! 

When it comes to Prahlada, He did not desire to see God in such form. The belief he had in the existence of God was in its fully blossomed state (100%). Hence, he was blessed to see God as Narasimha! 

From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Bhagavad Vishayam, 7 th August 2019

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