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Someone asked a Vedic scholar, “Can you chant a mantra to shed tamarind from its tree?”. One of his students overheard it and responded, “why do you need a Vedic mantra for it? Can you not simply either wait for it to shed naturally, or climb the tree to fetch them?”

When hard work, money, intelligence and any other means can no longer accomplish your task , Vedas can show you the path!

For example: rains! Can money buy timely rains? Can intelligence? Vedic wisdom teaches you the ability to work with nature and thus get desired results. Ranging from material benefits to liberation from karmic bondage and experiencing eternal bliss, Vedas show the comprehensive way! Other means may attain results temporarily materially and with possible harmful side effects. However, Vedic wisdom is the mightiest and naturally existing well-wisher of every being and hence only gives the best for everyone.

In the 1970s, Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji wanted to perform Swadhyaya Jnana Yajna on the hills of Tirumala for the benefit of everyone. It was an event that required thousands of priests (ruthwiks) along with many other resources to host hundreds of thousands of devotees! There was scarcity of water in Tirumala Hills and the temple executive team felt that it would be a difficult task to achieve. They weren’t sure how to convey this to Swamiji, so they cleverly requested Swamiji if there could be anything in Vedas that would first provide ample water. They suggested that the original  grand scale yajna could be perfomed after the rains poured in. They believed that Swamiji would back-off from the original plan because of this requirement. However, Swamiji beautifully conducted a three-day isti (one that satisfies a desire, in this instance the desire was the need for rains) called Kaareri Isti. He gathered 3 suitable priests/scholars who dedicated their life for learning and practicing Vedas. At the end of the third day, rains started pouring..so much so that the town’s resoirvoir damn overflowed!

Such is the greatness of Veda mantras.

Now, one may ask – why is there a restriction to teach Vedas to only a certain sect of people?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you completely trust in the Vedic scriptures?
  • Are you ready to dedicate your life in learning and practicing Vedic tradition? 

If you answer ‘Yes’ to both the questions above, anyone is welcome to come to the asram and learn them. 

Does it mean I can’t connect with God if my answer is No to those questions?

Whether we realize  it or not, we are always connected to God. But until we understand and begin to trust in him heartfully, we must learn the same wisdom in a different format which does not have such restrictions. One can learn the meanings of the mantras by approaching a guru and thus realize the connection with this Supreme power. Everyone is entitled to experience the divine bond with God

However, the sacrifice required to be made by scholars/priests learning Vedas is immense. It is not easy to let go of other desires, including financial benefits in the materialistic world. That is why every year on this day, Vedic scholars are honored for their dedication to God and His work. If we want to protect our natural state (ఉనికి), we must make every effort to honor Vedic scholars who have been consistently putting their efforts in learning, spreading and practicing Vedic wisdom! 

When one says love is in the air, it means that there are people around you spreading it. That is the reason you experience it.

Similarly, when it comes to Vedas, the original natural format of veda mantras is sound, a powerful life-giving vibration (“sachethanamayina shakti punjam aa shabda rasi” – in Swamiji’s words). The best way to honor such veda mantras is to honor the scholars who have dedicated their life for learning and putting them into practice. They are the mobile from of Vedic knowledge. It is because of them that we are all able to experience the essence of Vedas.

Jeeyar Puraskar (award), Honouring of Vedic Scholars

Maddulapalli Suryanarayana gaaru - Chinnajeeyar swamiji tirunakshatram

Two such Vedic scholars, Sriman Maddulapalli Suryanarayana and Sriman Kari Purushottamacharyulu are honored this year! 

Kari-purushottamacharyulugaaru-HH Chinnajeeyar swamiji tirunakshatram-2019

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– October 28 th 2019, Acharya Thirunakstram

I have come here today out of adoration for Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. One must continuously chant the name of Narayana like one takes breath in and out. Swamiji has spread the word of Bhagavad Ramanuja so beautifully that it feels like I have come from one room to another of the same house, when I come from the asram in Mysore to asram here in Hyderabad.

– Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swami
– Avadootha Datta Peetam, Mysore

Swamiji is an avatar of Sriman Narayana Himself. The language He uses, the way He conducts Himself with everyone, the immense grace He showers on everyone, the way He utilizes every single minute to give and share what He has with those in need… the list goes on and on. I am highly honored to come with my entire family and extended family to Swamiji’s blessings on this occasion. Yadadri work will most likely complete by Feb 2020, and I invite you all to be there for the inauguration. We have requested Swamiji’s presence and guidance for the entire event.

We also are looking forward for the inauguration event of The Statue of Equality next year. Two great events are planned for Hyderabad and we must all be super happy, excited and give our best during the making of these two great divine spaces. It is the pride of every Hyderabadi and in fact everyone in the world to live alongside Swamiji and embrace 108 divine centers of inspiration (divya desa) at Statue of Equality in this beautiful asram.

– From the speech of of Sriman K Chandrashekar Rao Garu
-Honorable Chief Minister

One can get the benefit of performing all kinds of Yajnas by just being here in this environment. This is the place where all four Vedas are being taught, practiced in all their true form, more importantly with right intent. 
Swamiji is an epitome of patience. Conducting such magnanimous events with the correct mood and intent to bring rich Vedic wisdom to everyone’s reach requires immense dedication and pure heart!

– Sriman Maddulapalli Suryanarayana
– Yajurveda Ratna, recipient of today’s Jeeyar award

Swamiji saught blessings from everyone asking, “let me not become arrogant, let me not hurt anyone. Bless me to work as a small instrument in the hands of God”. The audience was shocked to see such humility/humbleness in Swamiji. They all said to each other, “He is One True Person! Swamiji’s “walk” is guiding lakhs of people around the world. ‘Pallandu pallandu’  (stay safe and live long) to You Swami!”

– From audience as Swamiji spoke on His birthday
– seeking blessings of everyone assembled