Kalakruthi arts gallery exhibited a beautiful demonstration of five arts – Literature, painting, dance, music, theatre. The ambassadors of these arts were portraying to prove that their art is the best of all.

The eyes see what the mind knows, said one of the speakers.

Each art is a way of response to an extremely felt passion or emotion towards an entity, said one of the speakers.

Swamiji addressed the audience saying, ‘all the artists dived deep into the art so much that they became the art themselves! They did not choose the art; the art chose them!  A real artist loses himself in it and becomes the mouth piece of the art. The world then recognises it’.

HH further added, ‘Each art is a part of God. Let’s see how. Kalidas and Valmiki are both poets. When kalidas spoke out his lines, the audience appreciated and nodded the heads. When Valmiki spoke, people lost themselves into it. It’s the passion and depth that lets you recognise God in your art. It’s that passion and love towards art that makes you work for it with genuine heart and gives right outcomes. Your heart begins to become soft that you appreciate good and spread goodness through your art. You then begin to spread joy at its core’

Aanando bramha ja:na:th – God is Unlimited Joy. Each art is a gateway to the experience of that Joy. The joy that is flawless and is not diluted with anything else!’

Swamiji was requested to say which art is the best form of expression. HH said, ‘There is no single best art, each art is divine, each one is a different way to experience God through that form. Just like how we derived at each art being an expression in its own way and no single art is above all, 1000 years ago, Bhagavad Ramanuja raised above race, religion, colour, art, and showed oneness and Equality in the eyes of God.’ Swamiji welcomed everyone to visit ‘Statue of Equality’ and also welcomed them to perform for the inauguration ceremony that is coming up.

Everyone at the gallery were thrilled to perform for Sri Swamiji!

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