How many of your near and dear ones have fallen critically ill these days? The number is rising and is causing unrest. Fortunately, awareness on right practices for a meaningful goal, healthy and balanced life style has also risen because of the immense concern of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji! Swamiji’s teachings and the way He conducts himself is an example for all of us to follow.

Swamiji attended another session on Homeopathy which focuses on treating the diseased, and not the disease!

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji encourages an integrated approach for medical treatment. Depending on the type of illness, one should reach out for the right type of treatment. If the illness is due to structural malfunction, then Allopathy can be chosen. Homeopathy is better for most other disorders or illnesses because it works on strengthening immunity of the person while trying to fix the ailment. Ayurvedic can be chosen in conditions that require filling the individual with lost organic elements from nature as close as possible in raw forms. Acupressure can treat many illnesses under proper supervision.

Here’s an excerpt from Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary garu, a renowned Homeopath and Doctor Naveen ji’s classes to JIMS medical college students. Swamiji himself makes it a point to attend these sessions in person, and so we will leave it to readers to imagine the importance of the topics.

Unless you know what you want to see, you cannot see it! Read Mental state, Physiological state, and Physical state. Prescribe a constitutional remedy that strengthens the weakened vital force/immunity to put the diseased on track for recuperation. Doctor Louis Pasteur, a French bilogist in his final words said, ‘What’s in the germs, it’s all in the soil’. It tells the importance of strong immunity.

– From Doctor Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary Ji

Doctor Pert, an American neuroscientist discovered neuro transmitters that are produced in brain and travel throughout when the diseased experiences a shock, the origin of the disease. It shows how mind influences body, thereby scientifically proving Homeopathic way of treatment!’

A good doctor is one who masters the art and science of observation. It is cost effective and a very important tool in a doctor’s hand. Observations changed and saved lives! Homeopathy is based on unprejudiced observation, unscrupulous experiments and pure experience of the provers. To become an unbiased observer is a challenge in homeopathic treatment. Put aside all your views, and just observe and learn the diseased. Don’t see what you want to see, see what is real!

 – From Doctor Naveen Ji ​

– From the session at JIMS Medical College, 5th July 2018

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