We all try and own some assets such as lands at prime locations, a beautiful home, trendy jewellery, expensive and posh cars, cool watches, stylish home decors etc. What do you think God owns?

God’s assets are his innumerable divine qualities and his great character. Boundless compassion, causeless mercy, supreme knowledge, unbeatable valour, unquestionable authority, unimaginable affability and more!

Just like we show off some of our assets at times, God also wants to show off his assets, i.e. all the divine qualities! Lucky us or else we would be craving only for material possessions and stay ignorant of the real wealth!

The word, Vibhava means wealth! What wealth or assets did he show during Rama and Krushna forms?

In Rama avatar….

It is sowseelyam. He did not confine himself to be with a specific section of people or even same species, for that matter! Being extremely qualified in all aspects, he made friends with a boatman, received warm welcome of an elderly tribal lady with complete adoration, worked together in friendship with monkeys and a langur too! He bowed at the feet of seers, and respected women to the fullest!

Like milk would give its name and colour to the water that gets added to it, Rama’s togetherness with everyone was so strong that he had absolutely no reservations about becoming one with them.

In Krushna avatar?

It is asrita vyamoham. He fell crazily in love with anyone who sought his refuge. He did not get satisfied no matter how much he gave them. He gave and gave and still felt there is a lot he should be doing. When Drowpadi called out for his help as she was cruelly being harassed, he promised to be with her for the entire lifetime. He not only helped her family throughout the war, but also saved son of Abhimanyu and Urmila, Parikshit upon Kunthi Devi’s plead. He had to save Parikshit from the Narayana astra applied by Ashwaddhama. He still felt like he didn’t do enough, and so his name contains ‘runa’ (kRUshNA), i.e. to remain obliged.

What is the unique quality that archa (deity) avatar showcases?

It is the sowlabhyam (accessibility). What is the use of someone who is accessible but can offer nothing? In this case, the God is accessible as archa avatar right in front of you at your home AND he can offer all that you need! Of course, not all that your greed. Because, he is someone who wishes for your well-being. Would you feed your child with too many sweets? If we are responsible and loving parents, we try to tell them what is right and what is wrong and limit the type and quantity of food.

God also works tirelessly for our well-being, sometimes directly as avataras and sometimes indirectly through his team, the acharyas and alwars!

He is happy if we all understand, relish and experience this real wealth which is imperishable!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji on 26th June

Swamiji addressed all work force at Maha Cement factory in Banaganapalli about how one should perceive Sitha Rama Kalyanam and spoke about these divine qualities of the different forms. Sriman Rameshwar Rao garu and the entire family have been conducting themselves in the path laid by Sri Swamiji for years together and were happy to listen to the wise words to keep them on track.

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