On every Amavasya (No Moon Day) vedic students are not allowed to learn or chant the Veda sastras. So this day is often utilized to visit nearby places to create awareness among the vedic students.

On July 16, all the Vedhabhavan students, gurus along with a few Vikasa Tarangini members visited Gandhi Paper Mill Durshed (V) Karimnagar (M). The owner of the mill, Sriman Raghunandhan Rao and the staff took their time to explain the working of the Paper Mill. The students learnt about the process of creating paper bags, wedding cards, note books Covers etc. This could be an alternative to using non-degradable materials like plastics.

Vikasa Tarangini Volunteers felicitated the owner Raghunandhan Rao, with a memento ad they in turn distributed fruits to the Vedic students.

The owner Sriman Raghunandhan Rao offered nearly 15000 paper bags for the Ramanuja Sahasrabdi event.