JIMS Ayurveda Aalayam opens at JIVA!

31st of August marks a remarkable event in JIVA with the launch of JIMS Ayurveda Aalayam. It is aimed at: securing the right raw material necessary for the medicine preparation preparing the medicine with utmost care, and right intentions addressing

Ayurvedic Medical Camp Conducted At Kakinada

24/04/2017 Kakinada Ayurvedic Medical Camp conducted by sriman Dr. Ravinder at Kakinada on 24th April 2017. Information provided on the primary purpose of conducting these medical camps. The team members sriman Mahesh, suman, Harish and all VT Kakinada volunteers participated actively

Ayurvedic Medicine Administered In Vijayawada

10/02/2017 Vijayawada With the blessings of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Vikasa Tarangini conducted the Free Ayurvedic medicine - Swarnamrutham in many place. In more than 10 places, the medicine was taken by children. In Sri Tulasi Ramanujakutam on 10th Feb