HH Sri Chinnajeeyar swamiji Dhanurmasam

Doubt is a Dangerous Hurdle

Let’s say you have an important task to accomplish. It can be an exam that you are preparing for, a ...
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HH Sri chinnajeeyar swamiji, Dhanuramasam

Who is a Sadhu?

This is an important question we must ponder on and get the answer right. Sadhus form the base of a ...
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Srinivas Kalyanam by Spoorthi- Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam

Source of Unlimited Support

When you have the correct insights about life, everything becomes a supporting agent. Example: when you look at your mother, ...
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Malayala Divya Desa Yatra

Malayala Divya Desa Yatra – 3 Days, 13 Divya Desams, 600 Devotees

Swamiji gracefully concluded the 3-day Malayala Divya Desa Yatra on the 11th of December 2019. More than 500 devotees accompanied ...
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Gita Jayanti Vijayanagaram

Why is Bhagavad Gita Important to You?

If your answer is Yes to at least one of the below questions, then Bhagavad Gita is for you! Do ...
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One Hiranyaksha in the Past, Hundreds Today!

The last few days of unimaginable agony with many horrific incidents indicate that our country today is filled with hundreds ...
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Karthika masam to Margasira masam - Gateway to the Greatest Way

Gateway to the Greatest Way

This year, Ma:rgasi:rsha ma:sam started on the 27th of November. Shall we try to understand what the transition from Ka:rthika ...
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Mother Sitha’s Prayer to Godavari River

As Sitha Devi crossed the Godavari river along with Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Guha, she prayed to the river for ...
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Need Peace and Joy? Transform Karma to Yajna

Everyday we begin our routines driven by desires. These desires could be to win a lottery or a grand slam, ...
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