Many of us sail through different kinds of problems in our life. Many of us resort to extensive Pooja  or Prayer procedures in hope that God will bail us out of the problems. And when he doesn’t, we stop believing and break trust in Him and the Pooja, with immediate effect. Does this mean Paramathma,God lends an empty ear to our Pooja? The Answer is a plain NO. Read on to find out why?

All of us are born with our own share of karmic bondage (a load of accumulated results of our past deeds) that we aren’t aware of. Some are born with great opportunities, joy and wealth and some aren’t.  It is the job of God to give what you deserve and bail you out according to your own prayers and realizations. Depending upon the faith that’s instilled in HIM and the perseverance you show upon and the trust you put in your prayers, God tries to minimize the longevity of the sins with a series of misfortunes/testing times in an effort to reduce the overall-pain. The sudden effect although seems negative, is positive in a bigger picture. Ignorant of the Thatvam (this nature of God), we lose faith in Paramathma and Pooja.

For example, The father chides his son for his misgiving. He punishes him to perform sit-ups (squats) count to 50 and asks his mother to supervise. The mother out of love and kindness to the child tries to hurries up the count saying, so the son will not have to suffer for long. The process of speeding up may look cumbersome to the child, nevertheless the overall count gets cut.

In a similar way, although the Pooja shows no immediate signs of fruit, your belief in Him and Pooja   will help you see the fruits,  a little later.

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

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