Jai Srimannarayana

It is interesting to know that some discussion was going on, with regard to observing the distance during Ruthu time to women.

There are so many traditions being observed by our Vedic people, proved to be good for health and also for the sake of spiritual benefit.

Proving all of them through the ‘so-called science’, may not be possible all the times. For the scientific devices have their own limitations, proving through them is not impossible.

These scientific revelations keep changing everyday. One person says something and gets a noble prize today,
and tomorrow, another person condemns that theory and gets another noble prize. Again some other comes and re-establishes the older discovery, in a different style, he also gets another noble award. All these silly things can be found in our World records book. Hence, proving through such unreliable sources is meaningless.

Our traditions and customs are time-tested and more useful ones’. No doubt people whoever are interested will definitely reap the good fruit of these practices certainly, one day.

Those whoever is not interested, also will experience the result of such abuses, slowly. So, try to follow first, whatever our ancesters ordered us to follow, then search for the reason, why they said so, or atleast, what would be their idea behind putting such practices for future generations.

Even if you could not trace the reason through any mode, still keep practicing, let some day come, someone comes to
prove it’s role for the good of the individual and Society in general.