God is surely the root of all Vedic essence, but when it comes to receiving the ultimate knowledge and ways to enhance life – It happens only through the tatva darsis, i.e. the compassionate experienced devotees and gnana nishta santh, i.e. practitioners of Vedic knowledge. It is them you need to stand by your side and elevate you to the state of ultimate bliss!

యో బ్రహ్మాణం విదధాతి పూర్వం, యో వై వేదాంశ్చ ప్రహిణోతి తస్మై, Although He is the one who is the controller of all that exists, He himself said in Bhagavad Geetha,

తద్విద్ధి ప్రణిపాతేన పరిప్రశ్నేన సేవయా |

ఉపదేక్ష్యన్తి తే జ్ఞానం జ్ఞానినస్తత్త్వదర్శినః ||

 The grace of great saints, acharyas, and devotees is essential for the holistic upliftment!

God goes to any extent when it comes to keeping the words of such devotees. Prahlada heard from His Guru Narada that God exists everywhere! Prahlada did not actualise it in order to believe in it. He simply believed in his Acharya! Later, when it was time – Prahlada declared to his father that God can be seen anywhere. The form of God that exists everywhere is different from the form that God had to take in order to kill Hiranyakasipa! He still did it. He took the Narasimha avatar and expanded himself in that form throughout the nature so that Prahlada’s words are kept! Such is the strength of His bonding with the words of His devotees!

సిద్ధిర్భవతివానేతి సంశయోఽచ్యుతసేవినామ్ |

న సంశయోఽస్తి తద్భక్త పరిచర్యారతానామ్ ||

God may not keep his words, but he honours his devotees’ words at any cost! He promised that he will NOT use a weapon during the war with Kowravas, but He ended up using the weapons thrice! He broke his promise to keep the words of his devotees, Drowpadi and Pandavas!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Bharatpur, Rajasthan!

Sri Puri Peetadhipath, Shankaracharya Maharaj also addressed the audience along with several other gurus.

Karshni Maharaj Sri Gurusharnanand ji adorned the Vyas Peet that was arranged as part of the Bhaagavath Katha discourse event during the session.

Upon the sincere and love-filled invite from Rajendra Das Maharaj of Maalok Peetam, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami attended the final event of his year-long yatra. During this year-long journey across the country, Rajendra Das Maharaj conducted various sathsangs and performed goseva. This was all done as a way to offer his gratitude towards His Acharya!

Swamiji stated how exemplary it is of Rajendra Das ji to launch great activities in service of His Acharya!

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