Self-confidence is defined as ‘a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities and judgement’. It is a common keyword in every personality development lecture. Is self-confidence alone enough to achieve success? Does God have any role to play in our success? If so, how?

Arrogance is defined as ‘having or revealing exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities’. Where is the fine line that separates one from being self-confident versus being arrogance?

Let’s take the first question: What role does God play in what we do? 

Have a close look at a clock or watch for instance. Observe the movement of the hour, the minute and the seconds hands in the clock. They are programmed to move at a certain speed in a certain direction. Are these hands moving on their own? 

Remove the battery, and we will notice that the clock stops to function. Battery does not move the hands. But, it provides the power that enables the hands of the clock to do their work. This is the role of God in our life. God’s power enables our abilities, qualities and judgment capacity to work. Self-confidence is therefore: believing in God as the underlying sole source of energy for all the efforts you put into a task. We may feel – If God is doing everything, then what are we doing? He is not working on our behalf, but He is giving us the energy to work. When He stops giving us the energy, we cannot move an inch (like a clock without a battery). Therefore, we are utilising the opportunities that He is enabling us with. 

In general, we see three types of people. One group of people do not trust in such support of God and believe that they are self-sufficient. Another group of people begin to misuse the opportunities given by God. Third group of people who realise the truth and try to live in accordance to His will.  

When one does not trust in the support of God in our life, they are called arrogant. Remember: this arrogance does not harm God, it harms the one who is arrogant. It makes them unfit for true success.   

Let’s see what happens to people who misuse this knowledge. If the minutes hand looks at the seconds hand, and tries to copy it or overtake it, then the clock will end up in a repair store or in a trashcan, doesn’t it? If the minutes hand looks at the hours hand and feels lazy, the clock will again end up in a repair store or in a trashcan!

What this means is: If we stick to giving our best to the roles and responsibilities that we are assigned AND always remember God as the source of everything, then – we will be fine. Otherwise, we will be sent for ‘repair’ (life will teach us a lesson – may be with minor hitch to begin with and harder if it doesn’t work! 😊). At this instant, we may feel like God is a dictator, Is He? This is where our scriptures help us understand the divine qualities of God. Scriptures define God to be the most compassionate. Then, why does he need to punish? He punishes because He is a responsible parent! One who does not want to see His children (all of us) to lose the opportunity of relishing true success.

Bhagavad Githa, 18th Chapter 46th Sloka:

yathah pravrutthir bhu:tha:na:m
ye:na sarvam idam thatham |

svakarmana: tham abhyarchya
siddhim vindathi ma:navaha ||

Carry out your responsibility driven by this knowledge sincerely, that itself becomes His worship. In this worship, your activities are the flowers that you offer to Him, your words are the mantras that you chant for Him, your thoughts give out the fragrance of camphor, etc.

As one carries out their responsibility, one should always conduct themselves to keep their surroundings healthy and happy. The neethi sastra, the science of morals state:

Yasmin jeevathi jeevanti vahavaha sa jeeva ya jeevam

[One whose life is spent supporting ten (or many more) other lives is the life that’s worth living]

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 28 th June 2019, Sudarshana Havan

Swamiji appreciated Sriman Venu ji who is trying to lead his life realising the support of God. He invited Swamiji to bless him, his friends and family who gathered to celebrate the inauguration of a new business tower at Khaja Guda. He showed his respects to God through Sudarshana Havana, chanting the mantras that please God , and sought good health to become a better instrument in God’s hands.