Bhagavat Githa is a celestial message given by Lord Krushna to a depressed soul Arjuna. Arjuna was sorow-stricken, enveloped with compassion. He was unable to decide what his duty and responsibility was, whether to fight with his enemies who were otherwise related to  in many ways.

Under the guise of fixing him in his duty, Lord Krushna delivered a powerful message to the world in general. This eternal message is for all for whom there is a mismatch between the heart and mind, and makes one confused about rendering ones responsibilities.

Many great people of the world expressed their opinions on Bhagavat Githa.  Mahathma Gandhi said  ‘”When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-Githa and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow.”  Thus, Bhagavad Githa is not just for philosophers and the old, it is a book of solutions for everyone.

Just like the water and air support the life of everyone, Bhagavad Githa is for all, no matter whether he is a child, youth or old, a male or female, belonging to any section of the society. It not only gives solution but also adds energy so that one can adopt that solution for tackling the challenges to reach a perfect goal.

Yoga is the mode we adopt to reach the goal. It should be free from pain. Reaching the goal is an important task, but the mode we adopt should also be easily practicable. Goals vary from person to person at different stages of life, and so also adopting the modes. There may be many ways to reach the goal, yet one needs a mode which should be easy to practice. What we need here is a clear mind to pick up appropriate mode, strong will to adopt it and a body that receives the instructions and puts it to practice.

Today, the society is facing lot of unrest. There is turmoil everywhere. Agitations have become the order of the day. Life of people is filled with chaos. The cause for the disturbance we see around is unstable mind. And the reason for unstable mind is food.  Let us find out what solution Lord Krushna gave us to conquer our mind and be peaceful.

yuktha:ha:ra  viha:rasya yuktha che:shtasya karmasu I

yuktha swapna:vabo:dhasya yo:go: bhavathi duhkha ha: II

In Chapter 6 sloka 17 of Bhagavad Githa, Lord says “Eat recommended food only and in recommended portions.  Recreate yourself in moderation. Stay away from bad entertainments. Don’t be a workaholic.  Sleep as per the recommended time. Perform your activities moderately and success will follow you.”


Proper food is very important to cater to all these requirements. Sathvik food as He recommends in Chapter 17 is the key for it. After picking up good food, it should be purified and sanctified too.

The process for purification of food is explained in the 3rd chapter. Prepare food with good thought, offer it to Krushna and that act becomes a yajna by which all impurities of that food will be eliminated and will be transformed as ‘prasadam’ or ‘yajna sista amrutha’.

And again in 15th chapter, He explains as how to eat it. He is seated in the hearts of everybody as ‘Vaiswa:nara’, digests everything that is sent into the stomach. He converts the food into energy being in the form of a variety of ‘pra:na’  and distributes it to the whole body so that every limb becomes strong, mind becomes strong and enables the intellect to guide properly.

It is because the food we eat is segregated into three categories – gross, middle and subtle. Gross form of food will be excreted in the form of waste, middle form of food forms the muscles and subtle form of food adds inspiration to the mind. The below manthra from Cha:ndogya Upanishad explains this

annam asitham thre:dha vidhi:yathe:

thasya yas stthavistto dha:thuhu that pu:risham bhavathi

yo:madhyamas than ma:msam  yo: anisttaha than mahaha

Krushna promised to take the responsibility of segregating all the food so that it gives us constant energy by which a person can think, speak and act properly.  When you adopt the process prescribed by Him, you get sound sleep and your behavior will be perfect with the people around. Now, you can adopt the modes shown by Him.

Look how simple and easily understandable Krushna’s message is. There is perfect scientific reasoning behind, yet He made it simple and straight forward for us to understand it easily.  However, the complicated commentaries by experts made His messages unapproachable. Let us absorb and implement what Krushna told in in a lucid manner. The above message is only a snippet.   Many such solutions are provided by Lord Krushna for all walks of life living in all age groups.

Jai Srimannarayana

Serve All Beings As Service To God

Worship Your Own Respect All




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