Speaking at SRIT, Sri Ramanuja Institute of Technology, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami appreciated Sriman Balachandra, Founder of the institution and Head of Abhaya Foundation for clearly living the Purpose of Life. Sriman Balachandra is an IT Professional, but has begun to serve masses by creating opportunities to lead their lives.

Here’s a brief excerpt of Swamiji’s message for our dear readers:

Honey Bees are critical pollinators, without them 70% of the crop species that feed 90% of the world will die! Scientists worry if Honey Bees stop doing what they do!

Living for just yourself is never the purpose of life. Sharing enhances ones joy! What do we share? Do we share hard earned money? Sharing money can make the recipients lazy, there are exceptions of course! But, sharing wisdom gives true and longer lasting joy to the recipients because wisdom enriches ones perception on life, increases the ability to handle any situation!

This is what Sriman Balachandra is doing. He is sharing his knowledge with lesser privileged people by establishing centres for skill development courses (stitching, driving, and computer skills etc.)  His activities are also teaching the importance of sharing to all those involved!

When one’s heart melts, it moves to support a fellow being at multiple levels – be it help at physical level or support at intellectual level or upbringing at soul level! This is the purpose of any learning, be it school / college or post-grad education.

It grows when sharedWhat do you think is a better option? Do we establish more and more old age homes and make it part of our life style or do we put our efforts on educating children to understand the importance of respecting elders? Olden days saw children play and share a laugh with their grandparents! It is healthy on both ends!

The goal of service shouldn’t be about serving at all times, it should be about eliminating the need of service! Our health lies in protecting our native and natural wisdom – Let’s awaken it!

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