Jai Srimannarayana..!

Today is 7th. It is dawn. The time everyone has been looking forward to has come. The sun- shine brought with it delight, hope, enthusiasm and inspiration. As HH emerged from the kuti:r to the ya:gasa:la:s with the devotees, all those waiting to have his darsan greeted him with a loud applause of Jai Srimannarayana. All the dignitaries have been waiting there near the ya:gasa:la. Thousands have been seated already watching the proceedings. HH gave mangal’aha:rathi to all the four entrances of the ya:gasa:la, then the pu:rn’a:huthi dravyams had been taken around in a procession and then arrangements are done for the pu:rn’a:huthi.

All waited with bated breath to witness the final pu:rn’a:huthi. The sound of hymns touched the skies. The ruthwiks near the nine kunda:s stood ready with baskets filled with the dravyams.

Then all of them offered the oblations at the same time. The holy fire in the kunda:s rose quite high spreading its tongues showing its happiness and fulfillment. After the manthra:s were chanted and the holy fire cooled down, all the energies have been transferred into the ‘kumbhas’ to be used for the pro:kshan’a and ‘pra:n’a prathishtta’. Later near the dhwaja sthambham they did pu:ja. Go:pu:ja and go:da:nam were done.

Later the five ruthwiks carrying the kumbha:s on their heads, started for the temple. The musicians playing na:daswaram and drums walked first, the ruthwiks carrying the decorated kumbha:s on their heads under the shade of umbrellas walked next. HH with the other Jeeyar Swamis walked in front of them. The large numbers of devotees followed them. At the entrance of the temple ha:rathi was given. A cow with its calf has been led in first. Then HH and the ruthwiks, Sri Rameshwar Rao and Sri Murali Krishnamraju’s families have gone into the temple. HH and the ruthwiks went into the sanctum sanctorum and did the ‘pra:n’a prathishtta’ for the main deities of Kodanda Rama. Then all the other vigraha:s had been consecrated. With the help of a crane HH, the ruthwiks have gone up to the top of the sikhara and amidst chanting of the Vedic hymns HH consecrated the chakra placed on the top. They did abhishe:kam and pu:ja there.

After giving ha:rathi they came down and HH gave ha:rathi at all the sannidhis. Then he came out, did pro:kshan’a and gave ha:rathi to the dhwaja sthambham. First a:ra:dhana and sa:thumurai of all the scriptures has been done in Sri Kodanda Rama Sannidhi. Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s statue has been unveiled and ha:rathi given by HH. Swamis gave us theertham and prasa:dam and all dispersed for the maha:prasa:dam on HH’s directive. A strange satisfaction, a kind of excitement, an unforgettable joy shone on all the faces. Thousands of people seated in the tents had witnessed the proceedings on the close circuit monitors. HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s presence was felt by one and all.

In the evening to the new uthsava mu:rthis Sa:nthi Kalya:n’am was performed with all gaiety. It was a grand celebration where in the donors had taken the side of Sithamma as Kanya da:thas. Sri Rama and Sitha were decked up in pink lotuses. Their enchanting beauty captivated the hearts of the participants. Lord Rama joined Sitha for the well being of the world. ‘Ma:la Samarpana’ and the ‘akshatharo:pan’a’ were divine. The singing of Go:da’s Va:ran’a Ma:yiram was fabulous. The new groom and bride looked stunning on the flower bedecked stage. Everything about them was glorious.
Later Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji and Sri Vrathadhara Jeeyar Swamiji released the volume of Rugve:da Kramapa:tham, the first of its kind in print. HH explained its speciality. The copies were distributed. It was compiled by Sri Ka:me:swara Sarma garu.

In the night Lord Sri Rama Lakshman’a and Sitha were brought out in a procession for procession. The music and drums in the front playing beautiful music, ladies doing ko:la:tam, boys dancing to the drums, some groups doing ‘Hari Nama Smarana’ , swamis doing ‘cha:mara seva’ to the lord, the bearers taking the lord in the four ‘gathis’ of a elephant, an ox, a lion and a horse were enthralling. It should be seen, can’t be explained. Thus the day’s programs ended.


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