Today the 9th morning se:va:ka:lam and sa:thumurai are done in the newly consecrated Kodandarama Temple. Swamis distributed the divine theertham to all followed by prasa:da go:shti. As directed by HH people followed the instructions during the go:shti. In the Ishti sa:la today Vaiyyuhike:shti is performed. As you know Ishti is a vedic ritual for the fulfillment of our wishes. This Ishti is a special one.
We know ‘selfishness’ as the word denotes, is bothering about one’s own self. Sa:sthra:s say not to be selfish. None can get rid of this selfishness. Then how to correct it? Just widen the circumference of your selfishness Include one and all into it. Make the whole world your family. Be concerned about the welfare of this huge family. Then selfishness is not wrong. It is the greatest selfishness. Now crave for the good of this vast family. This is the Lord’s suggestion for Brahma’s

query for the well being of the country. In the schedule of Ishtis HH planned the ‘Vaiyyu:hike:shti’ for the last day. It results in –
‘subhiksham sarva samruddhihi suvrushtischa bhave:th prabho:’
No flood or drought, no dearth or famines but abundance. Prosperity and peace should prevail. ‘sarve: jana:h sukhino: bhavanthu’ – Wishing the welfare of the whole world, this ishti is performed. Many participated in it. As this was going on, Sri Sudarsana puja is conducted in the pravachan mandap. HH personally distributed the pratima:s to thousands of participants. He taught them how and why is this pu:ja performed. Sudarsana bhagavan shows us the right path. He destroys our enemies – external and internal. He gives us health and strength. It shatters our ignorance and blesses us with knowledge. All the participants did pu:ja with great devotion.

Pamphlets on cow are released and distributed.

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji expressed how the programmes are continuing day and night, how the devotees are participating with great enthusiasm and devoutness. He said the people on the other side of the globe are also eagerly participating in the programs through the Ustream. He said wherever the devotees happily meditate and contemplate on Lord, He is sure to be there. All our prayers should aim at joining with us more and more devotees to sing ‘pallandu pallandu’ to the Lord. We pray for that at the Lotus Feet of our Acharya Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji.

The priests from Tirumala brought Srinivasa’s prasadam and se:sha vasthram and ma:la to honor HH. He in turn felicitated them with shawls and Pedda Swamy’s vigrahams.

In the afternoon, Phalahari Swamy engaged the audience with his sweet Hindi pravachan starting with Guru Pra:rthana. Collective VSN parayan was done that was followed by a vocal music recital.

In the evening Phalahari swamy did sanma:nam to HH by presenting him a shawl and keeping a saffron colored turban and putting a big garland of chrysanthemum flowers round his neck. HH looked like Lord Krishna in a flowering garden.
Later HH released a rare video CD got ready by Toopurani Krishna Swamy. It was shot by Sri Venugopalacharya swamy in those days using 8mm camera. That had been improved in quality and made into a CD. HH felicitated Krishnaji and he spoke on it.
Sri Vasudevacharyaswamy (A:threya ) spoke in chaste Hindi.
The vikasatharangini of Kukatpally presented a Pouranic musical dance drama very well choreographed and presented. All got immersed in it.

The long awaited moment has arrived. The devotees were waiting to have a glimpse of Sri Ramachandra to appear on the Garuda Va:hana. He is the Jaganna:tha. He enchanted the on lookers with his ‘mo:hana ru:pam’. His dress, his ornaments, his garlands, his crown, his alluring pose, his mischievous looks, his magnificence, his royalty, his supremacy, his accessibility, his compassion – He looked like a lightning in between two dark clouds. He appeared as if teasing Sithadevi to come on to his garudava:hana.
She on the other hand seated on an exquisite swan decked up in wonderful ornaments and lovely flower garlands seemed to be teasing him as if ignoring him but longing to go with him, seeing him walk aristocratically like a ‘vrushabham’ , proudly like a ‘sa:rdulam’, quickly like an ‘aswam’ and majestically like a ‘gajam’. He was tempting her. She being the divine mother preferred to be with her kids also. Thus the procession was fantastic. Devotees were confused where to fix their gaze, since HH’s showing the bearers the steps in action was marvellous, Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji watching him with amusement was thrilling – everything was amazing that night. The devotees were un-tired dancing and singing at that late hour. Tired the Lord and his consort retired to their resting chambers. Devotees sang ‘mangalam Ra:ma bhadra:ya! chakravarthi thanu:ja:ya mangalam!’

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