Today’s text books teach our children that our ancestors are apes (based on the theory of evolution). It’s unfortunate. We did not evolve from monkeys/apes. They are a different species altogether. Our ancestors are rushis and sages! When we don’t give enough importance to learning ancient history as it is, we will lose our real identity.

For example: Rajamahendri holds rich culture and great history. Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji spent 4 decades in this place dedicating his life to serve those fighting for India’s Independence from the British. As a zamindar, he owned lands in those days. When a tsunami hit the area and quite a few harijans lost their homes, he built 124 pakka houses for them in his own land with a smile on his face.

V.V.Giri, ex Union Minister for Labour and ex-President of India inaugurated the Harijan Colony, the first in the nation of its kind! This is recent history today. But, when it is not preserved, protected and remembered, there will be someone in the future who declares something else to be true, and the rich history gets erased.

This root problem is the same reason why our children are learning that we are descendants of monkeys/apes. Our history was replaced by someone with what they believed in. Should our children still read out of the text books with syllabus designed from the time of British rule? Let’s not be the generation that did not pass along true history to our children, an important thought for you all to act on! Let’s give them ancient history that traces us back to our identity, the sages and rushis. This wisdom will be biggest gift and the best asset to pass on to our children.

Statue of Equality will reflect such ancient history beautifully!

The 108 centres of inspiration that are being built around the statue will give us the history of great people who clearly saw the true nature of self, nature and Supreme – the highest wisdom which encompasses all other subsets of knowledge such as physical and biological science, social reforms, culture, art and more! 216 feet Ramanujacharya, who is seated in honour at the centre of these 108 divya desams is an example of how one can prosper to such great heights by believing in proud history and acting according to the values passed on by our sages.

Ranganatha temple in Rajamahendri, Rangadhamam temple in Mandasa and Divya Saketham in Sri Rama Nagar (Bhagyanagar/Hyderabad) have a common factor, Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji. At Mandasa temple, Pedda Jeeyar Swami spent few years learning Vedantham. At Rajamahendri, as we have said earlier, Swamiji spent decades serving Bharath during the days of struggle for Independence. Divya Sakethem is dedicated to Swamiji commemorating Swamiji’s 100th birth anniversary.

Now, Statue of Equality is at the same premises as Divya Saketham, hosting the magnified image of all Vedic knowledge. Let’s all proudly take part in preserving the richest history, greatest wisdom passed onto us by Ramanujacharya!

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

– Rajamahendri, 11th March 2019
– On the occasion of Brahmotsavams at
– Sri Rangadhamam Temple

Sri Chinnajeeyar Swami
Sri Ranganathaswami
Devanatha Jeeyar Swami and Ahobila Jeeyar Swami

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