4th May, 2016

Vikasa Tarangani Karimnagar has planned for a grand celebration of Sri Rama Paduka pattabhi sheka mahotsavam for 22nd. & 23rd. this month at Vemulavada.They are making a team titled Sri rama paduka pattabhisheka nirvahaka committee. the first meeting was held on the 4th. of May & was attended by Vips ,Govt. officials, SRR devathanam executives, padmanayaka sangam President , Sri Srinivasa rao, councillors,VHP members, other organization members, Doctors. the municipal chair person Sri Uma Laxmi Rajan, Sri pratapa rama krishna Vice chair person, municipality,Sri Adi Srinivas Ex chairman SRR Devastanam participated in the meeting.District & local V T members took active part in the proceedings. As Donations Rs. 3.5 lakhs were pledged by the people in the meeting.
It was decided to meet again to discuss in depth about the event. second meeting report awaited. it is expected to be a grand success since the Karim nagar VT branch has very senior dedicated volunteers who have been serving the society for many many years. this happens only due to the causeless mercy of His Holiness Sri sri Sri Chinna jeeyar swamiji.


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